Happy Haunting…

Halloween is one of my kids’ favorite times of the year…lucky for me, they enjoy the cutesy/vintage style for this holiday just like I do!

For our Spooky Party invites this year, here’s what I created:

Here’s a bit about some of the details here…I created the little mask for the Family Fun paper doll by layered Tinted Tape over plain cardstock, then cutting out a little mask shape, using a small hole punch for the eyes.

Second, a fun crepe paper technique.  I punch a small circle from the polka-dot paper, then put a small square of the crepe paper behind it loosely.  Using the cap of a marker, I pushed the crepe paper through the punched circle to create a cool little 3D effect.  I finished off the little circles with a little wrap of Twirly Twine around each.

Happy Haunting!


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  1. SuZeQ says:

    So sweet. I love it.

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