Be Mine

Here’s a couple ideas for some unique Valentine treats, made using the Vintage Valentine Kit for someone who deserves more than just a valentine card…

How about a little boxed game?

Make a simple little ball game from a jewelry box. I really liked the kraft color of this little box, so I only decorated the top. I free-hand cut out the heart from book paper and edged with red ink.  I cut a thin strip of the red lace to make the little bow at the top. White lace against the red cardstock really adds a neat texture.

To make the game board, simply trim the vintage valentine to the correct size to fit inside the box. Once trimmed correctly, cut out a piece of corrugated cardboard the same size. Adhere the valentine to the cardboard, and with a Crop-a-dile, punch a few holes into the image using the small hole option. Insert the image in the box, it should fit relatively snug without adhesive, but if it’s not snug enough, adhere down for more security. A bead or a bb works great as the “ball.” This game is actually a bit trickier than you would think-the object is to fit the ball into the punched out circle. But, what  a fun way to showcase a vintage valentine! Maybe this would be great on a teacher’s desk…

Valentine’s Day is all about the candy! Make these kisses just a little bit sweeter inside a pretty pouch.

For this, I simply cut a 4×12 sheet of patterned cardstock, and folded almost in half, but not quite-leaving a one inch flap to fold over.  Cut out a heart shaped window-this one I edged with Red Glass Glitter-can’t get enough of this stuff! Fill a bag of candies, and tape to the inside back of the pouch. Fold over the flap and staple down. Then, embellish! A red Chunky Button makes a great centerpiece!

I love fun little projects that use scraps so effectively. I hope these ideas inspire you to make something special for your valentine!


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5 Responses to Be Mine

  1. Dinahsoar says:

    Two great ideas! Love ’em both.

  2. Tara says:

    I came across your blog before Christmas, been stalking since then lol I love your projects and vintage style, that box is adorable!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog, and feel like I am in heaven. I am going through your older posts, and am having a blast. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xxoo Valarie

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Thanks Valarie! Glad you are enjoying it! Be sure to come back regularly, as we have some exciting things coming up!

  4. Anabelle says:

    These are adorable, Michelle. I love that kit and what you’ve done with it!!

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