Making A List…

Are you ready for the hustle and bustle of the Season ahead?  I should have prefaced that question with the fact that I love to see other people hustle and bustle…I rather prefer sitting behind the computer and ordering online LOL  Free shipping, discounts and without the chaos 🙂  But I really do get that people love the thrill of Black Friday and getting everything on their list…my luck usually doesn’t run in that direction, hence the reason that I will be at home, buying for my three wish-listers:

I created this collage hanging with several of Vintage Street’s “Christmas” aisle items!  First, I started with a sheet of October Afternoon’s Ring-A-Ling Paper and green Bingo Craft Cards.  I made two different panels to get the length that I was wanting.  After machine-stitching the two together, I embellished with a copy of a cute vintage Christmas card that I found on Pinterest.  The photo was wrapped with Ivory Tissue Garland and Denim Twirly Twine.

The top was accented with a beautiful vintage bell…I attached it with a Glue-Dot!

To the bottom I stitched on a few old buttons with the same Denim Twirly Twine and added a border of Numbers Tinted Tape.  Three of the punch out diamond shapes from the Party Games Sheets and Tags were just right for adding my kids’ names to!

And while I had out the Party Game Sheets, I decided to whip up a sweet Christmas card. 

I again used the Ring-A-Ling paper for the base and then topped it off with two glassine envelopes.  To the inside of the envelopes, I added pieces of old sheet music and a scrap of patterned paper.  After machine stitching each one, I added them to the card front.  An X of Red Twirly Twine was stitched at the top and buttons were also stitched on with the same twine.

That’s all from me today!  To our American friends, I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe and successful Black Friday to you all 🙂


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6 Responses to Making A List…

  1. ConnieM says:

    wow~awesome work!!!

  2. Cindy says:

    Sounds like we have the same Black Friday tradition! Sleep in, then stay in my comfy pj”s, pour me a big mug of coffee, curl up on the couch with my laptop, log in to Amazon and Overstock, etc., and buy gifts for my 7 grandkids. Love it! Take’s several hours comparing prices and getting ideas, but all fun! And I love, love, love your collage hanging!

  3. Becky Green says:

    VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I’m NOT one to do the Black Friday thing either! LOVE to shop BUT, I REFUSE to “fight” for my purchases! It’s a day of RELAXING after doing a big meal & just enjoy being together! 🙂 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. cherry says:

    ohhh this is so cute…it tells a story and has such depth! LOVE your work Shellye! cherry

  5. Keri says:

    I’m totally with you, Shellye…I’m all about cyber-shopping! 🙂
    These projects are so lovely, especially love the fringed crepe and the buttons layering over the cute Crate stocking chipboard!

  6. advintage says:

    these are so cute and love the cheery red you used for both! what a great combination of vintage!

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