Vintage Garden Pocket

Have you seen the new Vintage Deal? Its the Vintage Winter Garden Kit-a beautiful, soft color palette for these upcoming cold months, and a nice break from the bold colors of the holidays.

From a few supplies from the kit, I constructed a vintage garden pocket. The perfect place to store postcards, or fill with tags with special notes for a friend as a unique gift. Might be a good idea with notes for Mom for Mother’s Day-never too early to plan for that one! 🙂

To create, images were fussy-cut from the beautiful papers and adhered onto sheet music.  Platinum Stickles add a touch of sparkle to the flowers. Parchment or wax paper, was then stitched on top of the images, then that piece was stitched to another sheet of parchment to create the pocket. I tore away a bit of the parchment to reveal the bird.  A Making Memories Label Holder frames a title and vintage pearl beads from the kit embellish it.

Then fill with tags! This is such a great way to use up the scraps from the kit.  Silver tinsel garland, a vintage slide holder and sparkly font stickers add more texture to the tags as well.

And the good news is, I still have plenty from the kit to make more pockets!

Now, I have to share with you my Christmas present from my super thoughtful hubby. We found one of these (a verdigris colored one-gasp!-gorgeous!) at an antique store this summer in Kansas.  Admired it, but it did not come home with us. But, my husband continued to scout around and surprised me with this GORGEOUS scale for Christmas. And it works!

I absolutely LOVE IT, and it now is displayed in the corner of our kitchen. It just amazes me that at one time this was at a butcher shop or corner market to weigh meat and produce. Something so beautiful for something so functional. Patent says 1909.

The hand-cut oval, glass top presently displays a winter scene of vintage, spun-glass angel hair swirling among vintage hard plastic reindeer and plastic trees sprinkled in tarnished glass glitter.

Now, I just need to try to understand what all the extra numbers mean! 🙂

Happy New Year, and here’s to another year of vintage creativity!!!



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7 Responses to Vintage Garden Pocket

  1. ConnieM says:

    OMG~how cool is that scale and the garden kit is to die for, love it all!!! What a great looking kit!!!!:):)

  2. Becky Green says:

    BEAUTIFUL KIT!!!!!!! LOVE the colors!!!!!! AND what you did with it!!!!!! 🙂
    WHAT A SWEET HUBBY!!!!!!! LOOOOOOVE your scale!!!!!!! AND you decorated it WONDERFULLY TOO!!!!!!! NOW, How’s your hubby going to TOP THIS ONE???? LOL! 🙂 (OF COURSE, we ladies ALWAYS have SOMETHING in mind…!!!!!! ) 🙂

  3. Geri Apodaca says:

    Love the New Winter Kit!! Your display is Beautiful, where did ou find Angel hair???

  4. Keri says:

    WOW, Michelle what a gorgeous gorgeous gift, enjoy!!!
    And I just adore the idea of a winter garden kit…beautiful items, clever theme, so so lovely!

  5. jan m says:

    Gorgeous kit!!

  6. SuZeQ says:

    I am swooning over this package. O M G … no other words come to mind. Simply beautiful – and so peaceful and serene. LOVE the birdie, too.

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