Sneak Peek Day 2

I loved reading the wrapping paper history Allison posted yesterday! Isn’t that amazing that patterned wrapping paper came out of the need to “make do” with what they had? It was entirely an unplanned happy accident! Just like in crafting- how something can turn out not quite how you planned, but is even better than what you did plan! Love that!!!

So today, to follow up, I want to share with you a little sneak peek from our Party Games line. Totally retro and super colorful! Definitely lots of features to spark some creativity. Love all the textures, layers and interactive features…

Color by number anyone????

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  1. Annie Lou Ricci says:

    I love you !!!! I flashback to my childhood days !!!!! My favorite game was/and is/Parcheesi. My friend Wendy had the game and we used to play all the time…..

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