Sneak Peek Day #3

Good Morning Everyone.  I am back with a little more history to tease you with, regarding our new product.  First, I want to comment on Michelle’s project yesterday.  Awesome job Michelle!  I love the way you attached the two tags with a staple and the baker’s twine.  That is a great new color on the baker’s twine as well.  Another fun idea, use the tags on a scrapbook page together or separately for a fun embellishment.  Well, I guess I had better move on to my teaser for the day.

Do you remember all the fun board games you played with as a child?  The memories of all the laughter and fun you had with your family and friends while playing the games.  Well, they might not have been all good memories.  If your family is like mine, the competitive spirit always came in to play and didn’t always end with everyone happy.  However, it is just another memory I can share and laugh about now.  Board games are always in style and great family time.  This past Christmas my children got 6 new board games and we play them all the time.  Yes, we have a Wii, but it just isn’t the same.  The funny thing is that a lot of the games they got were games I played as a child, just updated.  I have already bored them to tears with stories of when I was a kid and how we played and the incidents that happened while playing.  Again, the memories.

I would like to share with you another historical post about our product.  Today, if you couldn’t guess already, I will share a little history about board games in the United States.  The first board game produced in the United States was a game called “The Mansion of Happiness” in 1843.  Many games back then were either educational or moral.  “Snakes and Ladders” was a perfect example of a moral game from the late 1800’s.  It wasn’t until 1935 that “Monopoly” was created and produced by Parker Brothers.  The game idea behind “Monopoly” came from a gentleman who had lost his job during the Great Depression and wanted to create something for him to do in the evenings.  His friends enjoyed the game of property speculation so much they started asking him to make copies for them.  He sold a few of these copies to department stores and the rest is history.  Another great game that quickly followed was “Sorry”.  It amazes me that these games are still so popular today.  A game I remember playing all the time growing up was “Life”.  It was always so fun to see what your job was going to be or how many kids you were going to have.

What were some of the games you loved to play as a kid?  Michelle and I love to jog everyone’s memories.  We love hearing about our parents stories, sharing our own and listening to your stories from childhood.  We hope our products and kits bring back all the fond memories you have from growing up.

Tomorrow, creative Michelle is going to bring another sneak peek project to you, using some of our new product.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.  We post some fun and quick facts on our page and they don’t always make it to our blog.  I hope you have a wonderful day and stay warm.  Yesterday we got up to a high of 10 degrees.

Be Creative – Allison

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4 Responses to Sneak Peek Day #3

  1. Linda in Jackson says:

    So glad Melissa Phillips is on your team and mentioned you on her blog today. I’m going to look around….

  2. Carole says:

    You know that is really interesting – fun read for a blog hopping afternoon !

  3. Rhonda Z says:

    We played Parcheesi, Clue, Scrabble, Battleship and many card games. I lived in Illinois so we played LOTS of games while we hibernated all winter.

  4. melanie says:

    Love it! If you take your Monoploy money with you when you go to bed you can continue playing the next day and the next day without your little brother “stealing” all your $100’s! LOL


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