Sneak Peek Week #2

Really enjoyed reading all of the facts and history Allison shared with us yesterday. So interesting. I think the thing that always strikes me when I read about WWII, is how the civilians all worked together through the war and really made it a team effort. Civilians made sacrifices for our soldiers, such as rationing and victory gardens, and were really engaged in what was going on. Women played a very strong role working in the factories, and picking up the jobs that men typically did. The country really rose to the occasion and supported one another. It was interesting to learn that sewing was actually a very important and necessary skill. Out of necessity, that skill supported the country and women bonded together. I’ve enjoyed reading the sewing memories that you have been sharing in the Giveaway section. I remember, when I was a little girl in the 70s helping my mom cut out patterns at the kitchen table so she could make me that special dress or rag doll. I still have everything she’s ever sewn for me, and appreciate the time and love that went into it.

Sewers and non-sewers alike will enjoy this new line!

And, similar to how things were done in the 40s, how about re-purposing the packaging?  The packaging closes with this fun disc and string attachment-I simply took it off and added it to this cardstock envelope I fashioned..

Love the crepe texture! If you haven’t worked with crepe in your projects yet, I recommend doing so-it adds so much to a project!

Can’t have an envelope without a foil lining…

Love the color of this foil! I can fill a lot of cute tags, paper dolls or dress patterns in this envelope! Hmmm….liking the tape used there too…..

Be sure to check back all week long for more history tidbits from Allison and sneak peeks. Also, be sure to subscribe to our blog-you’ll be entered into this week’s drawing! Would love to hear any of your sewing memories too!


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9 Responses to Sneak Peek Week #2

  1. i was in love the instant i saw the bobbin!!!!
    i just purchased an old singer sewing machine, the kind that folds into its own stand… i love looking at it and can’t wait to use in on my layouts!!!

  2. Beth W says:

    Well the only class I ever failed was the sewing portion of Home Ec! But years later I did learn home to sew the basics. I still have 2 pieces of my baby clothes that my mother sewed by hand and one of my nieces actually wore one when she was born.

  3. Mary says:

    Oh these are just adorable…can’t wait to be able to get them I have so many pictures from my mom and her family and my mil these would be so perfect

  4. Linda says:

    I love the look of this line! I love old sewing notions and like to use them whenever I can in my art. I’m looking forward to seeing more of this….

  5. Linda Hahn says:

    I LOVE your new line!! Sewing was very important in my life. I took sewing lessons @ the age of 10. Although I wasn’t an expert, my Mom and I made all my clothes until I was a Senior in high school. Your new line brings back many memories of those days in the 50’s and 60’s!

  6. Vicki Chrisman says:

    I am SO excited about this line! LOVE

  7. StampinCathy says:

    OMGOSH! This is just amazing! I still have the cute little outfits I made for my oldest daughter.

  8. nonnie says:

    fun stuff….

  9. somehow I missed this post but I love these vintage sewing products. Will have to post on my blog some time the “Old Needle” packaging I have ..

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