A Vintage Scrapbook

Ah, the relaxing days of summer! Well, at least that’s the ideal, until you account for all the activities that get planned, the kids’ sports, busy vacations, summer house to-do projects, etc.  Suddenly that relaxing Summer gets much busier than you thought, and its hard to schedule just sitting on the patio sipping iced tea!  Its all fun though, and certainly something you want to remember. But, when its that busy, who has time to sit down and create layouts? Instead create a vintage scrapbook with the newly designed Vintage Scrapbook Kit!

This kit contains everything you need, including step-by-step instructions to create a fun book of memories! Instead of designing a formal layout, simply jot down your dates and memories on scrap sheets of vintage ephemera and slip them into pockets, or slide behind a ribbon holder, along with your photos. Super quick, and super cute!  Super portable too!

Quantities are limited, and Summer is flying by, so pick up your Vintage Scrapbook kit today! Who knows, you just might have time for that iced tea on the patio after all!

Happy creating!



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2 Responses to A Vintage Scrapbook

  1. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I was wondering what you had been up to…in the creative activity department! WOW! Mary T

  2. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,

    You are really getting those creative juices flowing! I love all your ideas…especially the holly bag closers!. what fun! Keep those ideas coming along! Mary T

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