Christmas in July!

Oh my gosh, its so hard to think about Christmas smack in the middle of summer, but its always fun to start brainstorming those fun and unique ideas that make YOUR Christmas extra special! And, its especially exciting knowing that since its only July, you actually have time to put some of these ideas together! 🙂

My mother is one of 13 kids (YES, you read that correctly!), and every Christmas we have a big Christmas party with all of my aunts and uncles, cousins and their families. It really is a lot of fun, and we like to do a gift exchange of baked goods, crafts, etc. So, its always nice to start figuring out those ideas early!

If you are big into baking your Christmas gifts, or are looking for a unique way to top off a gift bag, this festive Holly Clip, created with vintage plastic holly,  may be just the thing to top off your bag of treats! These are now available in the Vintage Gift Market, and you can find them HERE. Its never too early to start planning your fabulous Christmas!

Happy (almost) Christmas!

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