Its a Party!-Barbie style

Happy Wednesday!

My teen daughter and I found this sweet little book (dated 1964) a little while ago. It always makes us laugh, as it is a typical Barbie dilemma. Barbie is invited to a party and the entire book is devoted to what Barbie is going to wear!

And, instead of quizzing Barbie on when and where the party is and who will be attending, (and will parents be there???), Barbie’s mother only questions, as only Barbie’s mother can,  “What will you wear?” This is the part that always cracks Meghan up, as that is definitely not the first question I ask her! Eventually I get to that question, after I quiz her on the others! 🙂

The inside of the book cover inspired this project. I really like how the fashions are simply framed in circles, and the Family Fun paper doll fashions work perfectly!



These glittered letter stickers when jumbled like this really look like a festive party!

If you’re curious, it turns out the party Barbie was invited to was a picnic. After trying on many dresses, Barbie learns this bit of information and decides on casual jeans and a top. It turns out that several of her friends arrive at the party wearing the same outfit (GASP!). The moral of the story though, Barbie learns, is that it doesn’t matter what you wear-each girls personality is what makes them shine! Ahhh!

Happy Creating!


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  1. PamC says:

    OH MY GOSH, that was the cutest ever! <3

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