Collecting-Cast Iron Doorstops

I love finding vintage items that still have a functional purpose! This painted, cast iron doorstop measures about 12 inches tall and greets our kitties by the door as they walk into the laundry room for their food.

Iron doorstops first became popular in 18th century England. By the 19th century, they were also manufactured in the U.S. During the civil war period, the cast iron process became more refined, and all sorts of images became popular, such as animals.

During WWI, interest in doorstops went by the wayside, as all available iron was used in the war effort. After the war however, doorstops were once again manufactured, and were even available in the ever-popular Sears catalog.

I love the distinction of the colors used, and the detail. Both of which only get better as more time passes!

Happy Collecting!


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2 Responses to Collecting-Cast Iron Doorstops

  1. I love your cat doorstop, and I didn’t know that about iron and doorstops during the war!
    I have two doorstops, a cow and an Aunt Jemima lady. Mine are repros. Thanks for sharing!

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Thank you for sharing Dorothy-those doorstops sound adorable! I love how the doorstop adds a bit of charm to the house-don’t you?


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