Spooky Black Chalk Cats

This Halloween cook up a bowl of caramel popcorn. So delish and so easy! But don’t stop there..how about inserting some spooky decor??

I love the chalkboard trend in crafting and home decor, and was inspired to create these “chalkboard cats”.  To begin, first find an image of a spooky cat-there are many on the internet. This cat image came from a vintage Halloween magazine ad. Print out the image, enlarge if necessary, and cut out. This will now be your stencil.

Black cardstock works just as well, but the paper I used is vintage scrapbook paper-love that grainy texture! Trace the cat image onto your paper with pencil and cut out. To add an extra feature, I also cut off the tail and attached it with a black brad to make it “movable.” Then, draw on the features with chalk! And, add a spooky message if you’d like. Also, a tip-you can easily wipe off any chalk mistakes with a moist tissue and just draw again! To keep the chalk from smearing, I sprayed each cat with hair spray-a little trick I learned from my art classes in college. Works like a charm!

These would also be fun as name placecards on your Halloween table! So fun-let me know if you try them!

Happy creating!

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  1. Kathleen says:

    These little guys are the absolute . Thanks for sharing these cuties.

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