Pack Your Halloween with Fun!

Happy Monday! Only 3 more days till Halloween…anyone stuck on costume ideas?

This copy of Pack-O-Fun from October 1957 shares how to make your own masks from a simple paper bag and imagination. Quite a bit different from the $50 costumes purchased from the pop-up Halloween stores isn’t it?

Along the lines of simple vintage crafts, crepe paper was a go-to crafting and decorating staple. Inspired by this magazine, I crafted a simple pumpkin garland from vintage book paper (backed with cardboard), fringed black crepe and, of course, Stickles!

After outlining the features with Stickles, and once the glitter dried, I painted the insides with a black watercolor paint for more definition. Once everything dried, I taped crepe arms and legs to complete the body, and attached the three pumpkins to ribbon with tape.

A simple craft, but very festive!

Happy creating!


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  1. Jane says:

    So cute! Used to love Pack-O-Fun – ideas for Brownies & Cub Scouts, my SS classes, and at home too! I think I’ll make a garland like yours today – just for fun!
    Thanks for sharing it!

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