Vintage Crepe Owls

Happy Halloween!!!

Here’s another fun game idea for a pre-Trick or Treating Halloween party from the October 1957 issue of Pack-O-Fun. Halloween really is a great opportunity to re-visit those classic games!

While cutting out owls for the game, make a few extra as some spooky decor! Using an enlarged vintage owl image as a stencil, I cut these shapes from a sheet of black cardstock. Using the same chalk technique as I used for the spooky cats a few blog posts ago, my daughter Meghan and I created our own owls.

Once drawn, we adhered strips of fringed crepe for wings. Crepe was a crafting staple in the early 1900s, and instantly makes a project look “vintage.” For a simple, last minute project, be sure to break out the chalk and crepe-super simple and very vintage!

Have a safe Halloween and Happy Creating!

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