Thanksgiving Placecards

Create a new Thanksgiving tradition this year, and decorate the table with Thanksgiving placecards-constructed from vintage materials of course!

These placecards were made using the Vintage Thanksgiving Kit, which includes many fun materials and textures to work with, such as ephemera, hard to find vintage Thanksgiving stickers and seals, vintage ribbons, vintage buttons, gold glass glitter, flowers and many other fun doodads.

These small projects are also a great way to experiment with a variety of techniques, such as layering (above), and adding glitter (below). The vintage cocktail forks also look great either taped behind the placecard, or with the placecard crimped in the prongs.

This small, vintage envelope is lined with a crepe ruffle and trimmed in glitter. The vintage sticker makes a great focal point. Creating a crepe ruffle is quick to do, and definitely adds a vintage touch:

Vintage crepe can also be crimped and “fanned” behind an image to help create the focal point, such as the squirrel card below.

Crimping vintage lace also adds a fun texture!

These placecards will be a nice welcome for your guests at your table this year! Either write a name or a special message on each one, or, let your guests write down what they are thankful for this year! Either way, it will certainly be special!

Happy Creating!

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  1. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Cute ideas! This is a tremendous time of the year to take a walk on a trail and pick up all the goodies ‘mother nature’ has to offer. You can spread the seeds, pods and nuts on a cookie sheet and ‘bake’ them in a 200 degree oven for an hour or so, to get rid of any ‘hidden’ critters who might want to come inside for the winter. Enjoy! Mary T

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