Sneak Peek Week #3

Happy Monday!!

Can you believe that this weekend is CHA?  It will be our official launch into the crafting market.  The market we love and know.  We are very excited to see old friends and make many new ones.  If you will be attending CHA this weekend, please stop by and visit us.  We will be located at booth #5008 in the newbie section.

This week’s sneak peek wouldn’t be official if I didn’t give you a little more history.  Let me share with you a little history about cellophane tape.  If you are going to have Paper Sheets™ for crafting and wrapping gifts, you need something to adhere it with.  Before cellophane tape was invented, packages were wrapped with decorative ribbon, postal string or twine. 

Cellophane tape was created in 1930 by Dick Drew, the creator of masking tape.  Drew was trying to come up with a waterproof covering for the insulation batts that line the inside of railroad refrigerator cars, when he came up with a new concept.  Why not add adhesive to the cellophane and use it as tape?  It would be clear and a more aesthetic tape that could be used on projects and packages.  This was the beginning of what we know as Scotch™ Cellophane Tape.  Now, you will be introduced to Vintage Street Market’s very own Tinted Tape™.  You will be able to use it in many different ways.  We hope that when you purchase your very own Tinted Tape™, you will share with us, all of the different ways you use it.  Tomorrow, Michelle will show you how she uses the tape in a fun craft project.

Please help us with your positive thoughts and prayers while we drive Wednesday and Thursday from Colorado to California.  We are very excited to meet you and get our wonderful products out to your local stores.  If you know any stores that would like our products and would like to carry them,  please let us know or direct them to our website for a visit.  We would love to get our products in stores close to you.  Thank you for all your love and support.  I will post a few historical and fun facts about Michelle and I on Wed.  Please come by our booth and get to know us.

Keep crafting and wrapping – Allison

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11 Responses to Sneak Peek Week #3

  1. Fantastic! Drive carefully. I have already emailed my LSS to let them know about you! I think your products look FABULOUS! Can’t wait to see you here in Memphis on the shelves of my LSS! Woot!

  2. Beth W says:

    Prayers and good thoughts are with you on your happy journey-be safe and enjoy!

  3. Have a safe trip and have fun!! 🙂

  4. Linda C says:

    Hoping your CHA participation is successful, and we soon find your products on local shelves!!

  5. Darlene says:

    Oh how I wish we were closer so I could go too!!! Have fun and I hope and pray for your safe trip there and back home!!

  6. Patty Williams says:

    Wishing you safe travels and a fun journey ! Also wishing you much continued success as you move forward in your business. I don’t have any local scrapbook stores, only the big box ones that seldom stock any thing I truly want.

    Hugs and prayers !

  7. Jan Castle says:

    Great idea…would love to see some in person. Would enjoy following your blog, but not on Facebook or Twitter (dislike their excessiveness), but do follow blogs of my choosing. Is there any way to do that without Facebook or Twitter?

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Jan!
      Absolutely! On the sidebar of the blog is a “Subscribe” box. If you enter your email address here, you will automatically receive our blog posts via email.
      So happy to hear you are enjoying our blog!\


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