Vintage Christmas Memory Keeper


vintage-christmas-slide-6As you’ve probably figured out already, based on past kits, I just LOVE these vintage slide holders-whether the slide wheels (as featured in the past Halloween kit) or these storage magazines. What a clever way to use scraps, try a new technique AND store/display memories! Make this a part of your Christmas decor and fill with wish lists, quotes, journaling, and pics. Your family and guests will enjoy looking at each slide!

Everything you need to make this totally Retro Vintage piece can be found in the NEW Vintage Christmas Memories Keeper Kit:


The slide magazine is approximately 6 inches tall, but with the Santa on top, it will measure approximately 9 inches. This cute Santa peeking out of the magazine was trimmed from a vintage tally card. And, scraps of patterned paper were slipped into the metal slide holders-waiting for little notes!

vintage-christmas-slide-7 vintage-christmas-slide-5

To begin this project, I determined which cardstock to use, and cut it down to 6″ by 2.5 ” I did have to do a smidge more trimming, but that isĀ  a good starting point. Mod Podge is the adhesive to use on this one! Simply coat each side and press the paper, making sure there are no wrinkles, etc. To “finish” the edges, I added ribbon, again with Mod Podge, but tape or seam binding would work too.


As the holiday stickers are vintage, they have long since lost their adhesive. So, Mod Podge them in place! A vintage holly and gem brad add a bit more texture to this side, and were added with hot glue.

Once the sides are decorated, move onto the top of the box. The Santa that is included in the kit is a florist pick. Remove the wire, then hot glue Santa’s feet to the box. I then Mod Podge’d around the base, and pleated and pressed in the vintage Christmas snow. Once placed, I tapped more Mod Podge on the snow fabric and around the edges, and sprinkled vintage snow mica, shaking off the excess. A vintage holly leaf glued behind Santa frames him a bit, and bakers twine tied to his hands suspends the Merry Christmas sign.


And, of course, its not a retro Christmas without a bit of sparkly tinsel garland! That is just draped gently around the base. The big thing here, is to make sure that the magazine can still slide out of the box easily…


Christmas seals decorate the face of the magazine, but this would be a great place to write a wish list, a special quote, or your family’s names.

vintage-christmas-slideOnce decorated, display your Memory Keeper for all to see! Your guests and family will enjoy all the details!

Merry {almost} Christmas and Happy Creating!


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