Christmas Traditions


I think one of the best parts of the holiday season are all of the traditions. There certainly is a comfort in bringing out the ornaments the kids have made over the years, baking the family Christmas cookies, or playing a favorite carol.

For the last couple years, our family started a new tradition in hosting an annual caroling party. It is so fun dressing the house for Christmas and seeing friends each year, and is especially fun having a party activity.


For the caroling party, I fill the crock pot with apple cider, and open a few bottles of eggnog from our local dairy. My husband makes a yummy batch of home made hot chocolate. I then set up a beverage buffet with mugs of sprinkles, peppermints, marshmallows and cinnamon sticks, and brandy, Baileys and peppermint schnapps for the adults. Guests bundle up, fill their insulated cups, pick up a caroling book  and candle (in a basket by the door) and off we go to entertain the neighbors! It is such a fun time, and after about an hour (depending on how cold it is), we all come back for appetizers and dessert.

As a memento of our caroling, each year, I make an ornament party favor for the guests to put on their Christmas tree. This year, as I was on the hunt at the local thrift store searching for the ugliest Christmas sweater I could find (a good friend’s traditional annual party), I came across a box of basic, faded golden bulbs. Nothing spectacular at all, and in fact they were tied off with a tired burgundy ribbon. However, they had that grungy aged finish that I LOVE, so I picked them up, thinking I could revive them with some vintage!


As many of the bulbs were discolored and spotty, I painted on Mod Podge and sprinkled the bottoms in golden glass glitter. Already, it was getting better. I then simply added a vintage To/From tag (I remember this EXACT tag from my childhood-funny the things we remember) with a note “Happy Holidays, The Jackson’s Caroling Party 2013.” A hard plastic vintage holly leaf (trimmed in green glitter) and a vintage mini red bulb finished the grouping. The old-fashioned gingham ribbon adds a nice contrast to all the sparkle.


One of my most recent “finds” was a box of vintage plastic ornament hangers. Aren’t these cute??? And, they look great with these newly revived retro sparkly balls. A dozen of these now hang on a small tree by the front door and will be given out at the party. Now, if Colorado can just get out of negative temperatures, we’ll be all set! 🙂

I would love to hear about your Christmas traditions and any vintage crafts you are doing this season!

Happy Creating,



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3 Responses to Christmas Traditions

  1. Leann says:

    What a lovely tradition! Love it and would love to do something like this. I’m putting it on my list for next year!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. PamC says:

    Super sweet Ornaments! You are so crafty!

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