A Posie for You…

floral-bookmark-1Ah Friday!

The anticipation of the weekend is so nice isn’t it? The weekend is a great time to open a new book, or get caught up on some journaling. Another wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special someone…a posie bookmark!

floral-bookmark-2A pre-made glittered bundle of roses is the focal point, but I further accented it with vintage silver millinery leaves. The wired stems of the leaves and roses were twisted together and I covered these with  a beautiful green ribbon.

floral-bookmark-3The base of the bookmark was made out of a vintage piece of cardboard, that was covered in vintage sheet music. A bit of bling finishes the top and  repeats the silver color. A length of beautiful lace ribbon acts as the actual place holder when used as a bookmark, while the posie rests on top of the book.


And, there you have it! With something so pretty,  your special someone will  be looking forward to, even more,  those quiet moments of reading.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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2 Responses to A Posie for You…

  1. TLady says:

    JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I’VE ALWAYS WONDERED how a bookmark with all the STUFF on it would work! SILLY ME, just didn’t think about using the ribbon as a PLACE HOLDER!!!! SUCH A LOVELY GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Thank you! Yes, all the pretty stuff on the outside! Now, doesn’t that open up all sorts of possibilities! 🙂

      Thank you for the comment!

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