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A journaling jar…really??? Yes, and I love this idea! One, its a great way to use scraps, and two, its super inspiring! Instead of flipping through a book for that one inspirational quote or note, simply pull an inspiring quote, written on a tag,  from the jar! Perfect for a bit of daily inspiration.

I like to jot down those cute, or funny, comments the kids make on a daily basis. Its so fun to pull one of those tags out and remember something that might otherwise have been forgotten after the moment passed.



journaling-jar-3journaling-jar-4To begin to alter your own journaling jar, select a good sized, wide mouth jar, and measure the circumference. This is the measurement needed for the band. This one measures 18 inches. To make the purple band, I cut one 12 inch by 2.5 inch length and one 6 inch by 2.5 inch length, and adhered this around the jar, creating the base. Ephemera, vintage ric rac, and a touch of glittery Stickles finishes the band, and a chunky flower, ribbon and a tag dress up the top!

journaling-cards-1Now, for the inside of the jar, and this is where it really gets fun-the tags! The inside of the jar is for all of the tags you can make from scraps and ephemera, that quotes and notes can be written on. So, take those tags and dress them up, then find your colorful pens and write away! This is also a great gift idea-Mother’s Day maybe? Or, even Valentine’s Day and stuff it full of love notes!

journaling-cards-2So many possibilities with a  journaling jar!

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