Sneak Peek Week 3 Day 3

Here goes my last history post for a while.  This time you get to learn about Michelle and myself (Allison).  We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you.  So here are some fun facts about the two of us.

  • What is your favorite decade for vintage style?

Michelle – Wow-that’s hard! I love the Gilded Age (early 1900s) straight through the 1950s. Right now, probably the 1940s-love Old Hollywood from that time period and holiday decor.

Allison – I love the 1950’s.  I love the colors, music and advertisements from that decade.  The family household images, diners and drive-ins, old school books and office supplies.  How can you go wrong.

  • What is your favorite Holiday?

Michelle – Halloween, but just barely more than Christmas.  I especially love vintage Halloween decor from the 1920s and the harvest colors.

Allison – I love Christmas.  The season of giving and family always brings a smile to my face

  • What is your favorite color?

Michelle – Red! And, brown, pink, ivory and aqua.

Allison – Red.  I think the reason may be because I am a Valentine baby.

  • Who do you contribute your craftiness to?

Michelle – Hands down, my mom! I remember “helping” her with sewing projects, and spraying everything that moved gold when Martha Stewart decided that gilding everything was cool back in the 1980s. My earliest paper crafting memory with her though, was sitting at our picnic table on our patio in Charlotte, cutting out a park scene (free hand) from construction paper. She made the cutest ducks!

Allison – Like Michelle, my Mom.  God Bless her.  She taught me to love what you create and to love the imperfections that come with it.  Sometimes it is the imperfections that make it perfect.  I first started with needlepoint and then went on to cross-stitch.  It wasn’t until the 1990’s that I got into scrapbooking.

  • How many siblings do you have?

Michelle – One amazing older brother-Erik.

Allison – I have two siblings.  My sister, Amy is four years older and my brother, Andy is three years older.  Yes, I am the baby.  Awesome.

  • What is your favorite childhood memory?

Michelle – Probably a Halloween memory that I’ve shared before. My dad was a high school English teacher when I was  a child, and had access of course to the movie projector and screen from the school library. Every year, he would check out the reel-to-reel projector, screen, and Halloween cartoons, and would show movies in our driveway. Even went so far as to line up chairs and pop popcorn in a huge bowl. Since this was Charlotte, NC, the weather on Halloween was always pleasant, and everyone enjoyed watching the movies! We actually had a nice Halloween here in CO a couple years ago, and did the same thing-the kids loved it!

Allison – When I was in Elementary and Jr. High School our family owned a cabin in Wyoming.  We would go up as a family for the month of August for fishing, hiking, animal watching, game nights and great family fun.  We didn’t have a tv, telephones, radios (we did have an 8 Track player) and it took at least two hours to get out of the woods to a paved road.  We had a blast and I will never forget the memories we created there.  We would create art with all the goods nature had to offer.  What could be better.

  • If you were given a day to fill with your favorite things to do what would you do?

Michelle – Craft, read, shop and have lunch with friends on a patio somewhere, have a wonderful dinner with my family followed by a movie.

Allison – I love to spend time in the mountains with my family and friends.  In the winter time I love to go to Estes Park and snowshoe in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Then we come back to the cabin and watch either College football or NCAA March Madness.  In the summer time, my sister and I take a group of women up to the cabin in Estes Park and scrapbook for a long weekend.  So I guess it comes down to spending time in Estes Park with either family or friends.

Okay, that wasn’t a little post but we hope you enjoyed getting to know us better.  Please feel free to always share your stories and memories with us through the comments.  We love to learn about you and your interest.  We hope you enjoy our new products and we will back in touch soon. 

Michelle and I just want to send a huge “Thank You” and “I Love You” to our husbands.  We couldn’t do this without all your hard work and support.  Another thank you to our kids.  They are having to listen to a lot of crafting and business talk on their way to school, sports and activities.  Hang in there. 

Happy crafting – Allison

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  1. It was a perfect post! So lovely to get to know some details about you! Thanks and have a GREAT CHA!!!

  2. Beth w says:

    I love posts like this-it makes the people behind the product real-thank you!

  3. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Oh that was fun to read!

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