Vintage Valentine Pennants

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I hope you had a great weekend! It was a bit cold and snowy in northern Colorado again. Sigh. It does not help the big case of Spring Fever I have going on! But, the chilly weekend did give me time to settle in the craft room and get things organized. You know its bad when you start to remember which pile of stuff the hole punch is under. And, returning it to that same pile of stuff when done using it instead of putting it in its rightful place! The work table was chaos. But, nice and tidy now, and that is a good feeling.

Fortunately, retro valentines are both cheery and colorful. I love traditional valentines, but its also nice to think of new ways to use the images. This is actually one valentine from the Vintage Valentine Ephemera Kit that I cut into pieces to make these 2 pennants.

The base of each of the pennants were made by cutting the flashcard (also in the ephemera kit) in half on the diagonal. I trimmed out old dictionary paper a bit smaller and zig zagged stitched it to the flashcard. Stitching really is a simple, quick way to add loads of texture. I cut the Bingo card down into triangles too, stapled to the flashcard, and layered vintage tickets on top of that.  The scalloped trim you see along the edge of the dowel is the edge of the original valentine. Its just so cute, and fit just right along the side and top of this pennant.


Similar basic structure to this one, this is the other portion of the original valentine. This sailor is just so cute! And, the colors so vibrant. Couldn’t resist adding a bit of stickles around the heart on the flag!


The dowels I easily transformed with a glimmer mist. It gives such a softer color than acrylic paint, but that would work too. I glued the dowel along the side to give the pennant good structure, so its not flimsy at all. I did punch the holes first though, for the twine before gluing the dowel. A vintage wooden bead tops off the dowel.

And, cute, Black Twirly Twine bows finish them off! Maybe instead of a card this Valentine’s Day, consider making a pennant. This would look super cute in a bouquet of flowers, or tied to the paw of a teddy bear.

Have a good Monday, and thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Saw this on Pinterest-they are SO cute!

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