A little mending kit

It’s been so fun to finally be able to share the fun new products with everyone. I’m so excited to see projects people have created with them , popping up!  I love how everyones creative minds work differently. I know the Design Team has some great projects to share here on the blog also … so stay tuned.

I thought I’d share with you this little Mending Kit I made with the Dimestore Vogue Sheets and Tags..  I had this little chipboard box in my “alterables” box, and thought it would work perfectly for this. 

I just love all the fun elements and how they work together.  These sweet vintage images just take me back,  and have me thinking about all the sewing my mom and my grandma used to do.   I’m sure my Grandma made all the families clothes, and my mom made alot of the kids clothes as we were growing up.  I remember my mom even making all the bridesmaids dresses, and my flower girl dress for my sisters wedding.  Oh.. I was so excited! I was six, and I remember how I couldnt wait to try it on. Standing on a chair while mom pinned it at the correct length to hem it.

My mom and my grandma were both amazing quilters also.    I treasure the baby quilts my mom and  grandma made for my boys when they were babies.

I did take sewing in junior high, and I think made a halter top and a denim purse (lol), but I just never came close to being able to sew like mom and  grandma. To be perfectly honest.. my sewing machine rarly ever sees fabric… but seeing lots of paper.    I love sewing on paper!

I’m glad that my family does not have to count on me to make them clothes because they would be in big trouble:)     I guess back in the day they did lots of things out of nessesity. Sewing, canning, gardening  ect..      Extension clubs were a big part of the lives of lots of rural women.   My Grandma belonged to her extension club for over 50 years!   I thought I’d share this photo with you.  My Grandma is the one I put the little red heart near 🙂

You can find lots of information about Extension Clubs if you look it up , but basically  they were Clubs to teach women homemaking skills. They  began in 1914 under the USDA Cooperative Extension Service.

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6 Responses to A little mending kit

  1. julie says:

    Wonderful post, Vicki! Love your sewing kit & reading about your family–beautiful!


  2. Tona says:

    Love your sewing kit!

  3. Jane Harrah says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Reminds me of my efforts to learn to sew, a gethered skirt was our project. I never did finish it!

  4. Jan Hennings says:

    SEW, SEW Cute, Miss Vicki 😉

  5. Annie Lou Ricci says:

    I am having such flashbacks—-I recently gathered my mother’s patterns from the 40’s and these look just like them !!!!! Love It !!!!

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