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I’ve been inspired lately by the “Junk Journals” I’ve seen popping up here and there. Not that its a new concept. Gluing images, cards and other memorabilia to paper has been around for quite a while! Remember the big books with theΒ  black paper? πŸ™‚

Some of the books I’ve been seeing are so amazing, its hard to refer to them as “junk.” Maybe these are more like Texture & Technique journals. Just that special place to use that scrap of pretty ribbon, a piece of wrapping paper or a vintage bauble. Or a reference book of techniques. Either way, these Texture & Technique books are ones that will certainly be treasured.

school-album-2As its been a while since I’ve made one, I was inspired to try a “pocketbook”-essentially, a re-converted vintage book filled with pockets. But, pockets made from vintage children’s book paper. The school theme took hold as I was, once again, sorting through all of the papers and art that the kiddos bring home from school. As they have gotten older, that has decreased a bit, but I still have a giant clear bucket for each of them…FILLED.

I’m sure a few of you are also familiar with this situation. What to do with all of it? So hard to toss their hard work away, but then again, I’m sure the kids don’t want to inherit big buckets of paper either!

school-album-4A while ago, I saw a great idea…take photos of most of the artwork, make them “mini” and store the photos. Brilliant! And, maybe save a few of the more extra special ones. This will be an ongoing job, but I’m determined to get the project started. And, thinking that this book of pockets will be the perfect place to store those photos. Much more compact than 2 extra large tubs!


To begin this project, I removed the pages from this vintage book, then cut out the binding. As I’m expecting this book to get “chubby,” I added the spiral binding instead. Using Mod Podge as the “glue”, I decorated the cover with book images, a title plate and a vintage tape measure. Now, for the pockets…


Digging through my stash of envelopes, I was able to find an envelope that was just about the right size of the book. I carefully pulled the envelope apart, and used this as my stencil. I then traced this stencil onto several pieces of cardstock, a few pieces of paper from a children’s dictionary and a few sheets from a children’s vintage story book.


After I cut each envelope out, I scored the folding lines and glued together. I added some tape to the “flap” end for decoration and security. I punched holes in the other end and inserted onto the spiral.


I love how colorful this is! This will be the “project of the week,” so I will keep you posted on all the fun goodies/embellishments I add to it.

school-album-12Have you ever made a “junk journal” from a vintage book?

Would love to hear about it!

Happy Creating,



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7 Responses to Altered School Pocketbook

  1. Birgit says:

    This is just darling!! I like that you used pages from different children’s books for the pockets. Very clever indeed!

  2. Judi Trayler says:

    So, the top of the envelope is cut open to slide contents into? LOVE your projects. Thanks for sharing:-)

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Judi!
      yes, unfortunately that’s not too clear in these photos, but will be in upcoming ones. πŸ™‚ The “flap” of the envelope is at the top and the bottom of the envelope is bound into the spiral.

      Thank you for visiting!

  3. Judi Trayler says:

    Thank you! Now, one more question please;-). What kind/brand of binding machine did you use to punch your Little Golden Book covers? Is it just that small Zutter one from Hobby Lobby? Is there more than one model of Zutter? THANK YOU. Judi Trayler

  4. Judi Trayler says:

    Thank you. And, again, thanks for sharing with us!

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