Spruced Up Vintage Ducklings


Look at my little vintage duckling friends…aren’t they cute? These began as simple and unadorned little figures. Their expressions are so sweet and adorable, but the porcelain just needed a bit more texture…

retro chick 3So, after a bit of glitter…


And, a hint of shine….


And, a few party hats, these ducklings are spruced up and ready for SPRING!


As these are authentic vintage, they are totally unique, and quite unlike anything found in a fancy gift shop…don’t you agree? If you would like one of these little darlings to dress up your office desk, or add some whimsy to your home for the Spring season, they are now available in the Etsy shop. You can find them HERE.


I don’t think I’ll ever look at vintage porcelain figures the same-its too fun dressing them up! Look around and see if there are any vintage figures you can add a new look to. 🙂

Happy Creating!


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