Vintage St. Patrick’s Day Banner

spbannerHappy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Whether you’re Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is certainly fun to celebrate! We attended a St. Patty’s party over the weekend, and as  a hostess gift, I put together this banner, constructed from ephemera, vintage reflectors, a few vintage doodads, and vintage imagery.

vintage-stpatricks-banner6Vintage flashcards make for the base of the banner. But, the plain manila color just wasn’t quite what I was looking for. As mentioned before, in an earlier post, watercolor paint quickly remedies that! Now, I have a bright green peeking out of the edges. A vintage page of sheet music, stitched to the flashcard, adds a bit more interest and texture and makes for a great backdrop to the images.

vintage-stAgain, don’t use those vintage Christmas tree reflectors just for Christmas. They are wonderful accents for any time of the year! This one, with some vintage tinsel, frames a sweet bonnie lass.


Another vintage reflector, some vintage bells (edged in glitter) and a vintage mini ornament create the focal point for this pennant. And, peeking out from behind…a vintage Bingo card, also sprayed with watercolor paint! This Bingo card was then cut into strips and fringed.


vintage-stpatricks-banner4So, there it is…a cheery little something to hang from the kitchen cabinets and offer a bit of luck.

I hope you have a very fun Saint Patrick’s Day, and wear green so you don’t get pinched!

Happy Creating,



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  1. Birgit says:

    Cute! Cute! Your creativity never fails to put a smile on my face. 🙂 thanks for sharing this!!

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