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Hello everyone!  Today I’m going to share a few projects I’ve done recently using the Dimestore Vogue Sheets and Tags. The more I work with these papers the more I realize how much I’m loving the option of being able to use them as “larger” sheets as well as for 12×12 layouts.   I can make things like these pinwheels, much larger without having to piece papers together.  I just cut one long strip and I’m ready to start folding.

I used the “Tinted Tapes” on some of the plain wood dowels instead of painting them.  On the others, I cut strips of the Dimestore Vogue papers, and  wrapped them around the dowels (barber pole style).

The foil paper was great  for making this little pretty.  The paper was heavy enough to hold the bow shapes really well.

On some of my pinwheels I used  Stickles on the edges, which make me think of a little tip I could share with you all here.  I had seen this done years ago and I have stored mine like this ever since.  Actually you can store wet glues, paints, etc. this same way.  I try to utilize every inch of space in my studio, so this is how I did mine.   I found a metal try at the $ store, (but a metal, pan, tray, cookie sheet etc. would work as well)  I screwed it to the wood shelf just above my work table. I then attached magnets to the bottoms of the bottles. (I used my “cool temp” glue gun for this). Now all you have do is hang  all your bottles up onto the tray by the magnets.  Everytime you go to reach for one.. they will be ready to go.  No holding them upside down, tapping and squeezing ..  waiting for the product to work it’s way to the tip… it’s already there!  Cool huh?

Okay.. before I close, …  here is a card I made, using the same line.

Happy Creating everyone!   Enjoy the day!


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11 Responses to Things to Share

  1. Chris Aiton says:

    Really love your idea to store Stickles!

  2. Donna says:

    Hi Vicki! Love your projects today—-the foil paper bow is beautiful. And thank you so much for one of the best tips I’ve seen in ages…..I will definitely copy your idea for storing Stickles! With my arthritic hands, using those Stickles bottles can be literally a pain and the less I have to squeeze product out, the better! : )

  3. Cheryl Pollard says:

    The Stickles idea is Brilliant!!!!!! Just sayin, ms.cheryl

  4. Maureen Chandler says:

    What a great idea to store Stickles! I keep some of mine upside down in jars but I like this idea better – thanks for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous projects, Vicki–LOVE those pinwheels! Aren’t the foil sheets just the best?!

    And such a great tip for the Stickles–I’m constantly shaking & tapping them–you’re just brilliant!


  6. Beautiful card! Thanks for the storage tip, too!

  7. Jill says:

    Beautiful and fun projects! And the stickles idea is perfect! 🙂

  8. Jane Harrah says:

    What a cheerful and colorful and fun filled with laughter bouquet of happiness! I love it Vic and I love the stickles idea…….I keep forgetting it when I think about my reorg….course, I keep forgetting where I am in the reorg too! LOL

  9. Tona says:

    Loved your projects!
    You stickles storage idea is one of the best ones I’ve seen. Too clever.

  10. DebbieK says:

    Love your projects, Ms. Vicki:) And the Stickles idea is terrific!!!

  11. Noreen says:

    Your metallic rosette and flower pinwheels are so shiny and colorful! I’m going to try using them on a gift package.

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