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vintage-fringed-crepeGood morning!

So, I’ve been on a kick of sharing embellishment ideas. Its always inspiring to see a “complete” project, but its equally as interesting to me to focus on the details. Probably because its those details that make all the difference in a project.


Today, I want to share a very simple and very vintage embellishment that will work in both paper-crafting, general crafts, home decor and gift-wrapping/party decor-fringed crepe trim.

Any roll of crepe party streamers will work for this project, but if you want a really vintage “feel,” use vintage crepe streamers. The rolls I used for this trim are about 20 years old at least, and have a really nice aged quality. The colors are a little less vibrant and the crepe itself is softer. You really can notice a difference.

To begin, I cut four, 1-yard length ivory crepe strips and one 1-yard length of aqua, which I sandwiched between the ivory crepe.


Second, once the crepe strips were stacked, I stitched a straight stitch down the center.

With a small pair of sharp scissors, I then cut slits on each side of the of the running stitch, to create the fringe.


Finally, I gathered the fringe by pulling on one of the threads, then scrunched the fringe. Since I gathered the fringe, I lost some of the original one-yard length. The finished, fringed crepe is about 26 inches. Of course, you can adjust how gathered you want your fringe to be, or, adjust the original cut length.

I wrapped this fringe around a simply decorated card, and pinned it with a straight pin to keep it all together. “Packaging” it this way, would also make this fringe a great gift to share with a crafty friend.


Vintage crepe fringe would look cute on a card or altered item. Or, would look great for holiday or party decor, such as the trim on this simple peat pot basket. And, its just an added bonus that its so easy to make!

Happy Creating!

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2 Responses to Create Vintage Crepe Fringe

  1. Jane says:

    That is so pretty! Thanks for showing us how you made it! I have a few rolls of the crepe paper streamers so I’m going to make some today!
    Enjoying your embellishment series – thanks!

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Thank you Jane! So glad you’re going to try it. It really is easy, accessible, inexpensive materials and you can make some fun color combinations. 🙂

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