Vintage Functional Embellishment Frames

frames1Happy weekend!

We’re expecting a pretty one here in Colorado. Hopefully, so I can finish up some gardening!

In home decor, I’m sure you’ve noticed how chalkboards and corkboards are being framed in pretty frames. I got to thinking, why not shrink this down a bit, and make functional embellishment frames? And, in vintage style!


Any chipboard frame will work. I took this one shaped like a postage stamp and painted it with acrylic paint. Once dry, I simply adhered it to a piece of black cardstock. To get the chalkboard “effect,” I scribbled with chalk and smeared it around a bit. For more control, and a finer tip, I actually wrote on the “chalkboard” with a white colored pencil.


I turned this one into a pin cushion! To do this, I cut circles out of cardboard and fabric-a slightly smaller size than the chipboard frame. I then sandwiched stuffing in between the fabric and cardboard and wrapped the fabric tight around the cardboard, and adhered it. I then glued the chipboard frame over the top. A decorative pin holds this butterfly in place.


Similar to the framed chalkboard, these chipboard pieces frame a 1/4″ piece of corkboard. This corkboard is thick enough to actually support a tack, and cute tags. 🙂


And, another chalkboard. Chalkboards and functional, vintage style frames make me happy! How about you??? I can think of many possibilities for these embellishments-suspended from the neck of a jar, cute To/From tags on a gift, and of course, scrapbooking and paper crafting.

frames6Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and find time to get crafty!

Happy Creating,



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  1. Birgit says:

    Super cute! The uses for these adorable little frames are endless!

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