Holiday Decorative Clip Embellishments

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-1Happy Monday!

I hope you had a great weekend.

I shared this idea of decorative clips a few months ago. Its such a great way to use up those cute scraps. Simply attach scrap paper to a large paper clip by folding it over the lower “rung” and stapling at the top. You can then further decorate the scraps with glitter, buttons, ribbons, stickers, etc. Or, small, mini ornaments!

This summer has flown by, like it always seems too, and before you know it, Christmas will be upon us. These decorative clips will look great attached to a gift tag, Christmas card or other holiday project, don’t you think?

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-2 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-3

These holiday clips are trimmed with vintage Christmas seals, vintage plastic holly and glitter. Black paper from a vintage scrapbook makes for a great chalkboard to jot down the wish list for Santa.

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-4 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-8 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-7

A vintage reflector tops this scrap below and the vintage Christmas seal above is framed with a bubble of plastic (recycled from packaging), and filled with festive confetti to create a “snow globe” clip.

vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-6 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-5vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-9

These decorative clips just slide on, as a normal paper clip, and will add a nice touch to your holiday gifting this year! So, when you begin to craft for the holidays, be sure to save those scraps and extra trimmings!


vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-10 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-11 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-12 vintage-holiday-decorative-clips-13Happy Creating, and thank you, as always for stopping by!


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7 Responses to Holiday Decorative Clip Embellishments

  1. Birgit says:

    Adorable!!! How fun it would be to look through your stash of vintage goodies! Love all of your creations!

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Thank you Birgit! In the process of getting all those vintage goodies organized. Will have to post pics.:)
      Thank you for the comment, I appreciate you visiting!


  2. SuZi Davis says:

    Why not connect them and make a garland? Short chains, jump rings or bits of ribbon would do nicely. These are so cute and there are sooooooo many possibilities.

  3. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I am busy collecting little ‘scraps’ of holiday paper and ribbons for future ‘projects’. I also just found a dozen more vintage colored little glass ornaments that I know someone I know and love will want…desperately! As always, it is a great pleasure to see what you have been ‘up to’ in your ‘creative crafts’ department! Mary Tschopp

  4. KERRY PACE says:

    Love this idea thanks heaps for sharing.

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