Perfumed Pillows…and EXCITING NEWS!

perfumed-pillows-1I just LOVE vintage clear glass jewelry…necklaces, brooches, earrings, I love it all! And, the more yellowed, or “chippy” they are, the better! They just have such a gorgeous richness to them. What I don’t like though, is that they are hidden in my jewelry box.  I’ve seen some of these pillow ideas popping up on Pinterest, and thought  I would adapt my own version, and came up with a great way to display some of this vintage bling.

perfumed-pillows-2This little project is so easy, that anyone can do it…even if sewing isn’t your thing. To get a variety of texture, I decided to make wool pillows, and scoured the local Good Will for a tightly knit wool sweater. I immediately then came home, and tossed it into the washing machine on full HOT water, then tossed into a hot dryer. Have to say, it felted nicely!

I then decided on the pillow shapes and cut squares and rectangles to that size. Once cut, flip the sides over so that the right sides are facing each other.  Then, its simply a matter of straight stitching 3 of the sides, turning the right side back out, stuffing with fluff, and stitching the last side by hand.

I then sprayed each pillow with perfume-an ultra feminine touch that makes these little pillows also function as sachets. Vintage satin ribbon makes a gorgeous bow and the perfect backdrop for the vintage bling buttons and brooch that decorate these pillows. So quick to put together! These would be a gorgeous gift/favors for a bridal shower or maybe a Valentine’s Day present for your special girl friends. And, what a great way to show off the vintage jewels, when bundled in a little basket.

perfumed-pillows-3Now onto the exciting news!

The new issue of Holidays & Celebrations hit the newsstands this week. That, in and of itself is always exciting! But, I am also very thrilled to say that one of my vintage valentine projects was accepted into this issue!!!! The magazine, as always, is full of amazing projects and artists, and I’m so excited that my Vintage Valentine Pennants are among them. Be sure to get a copy, as you’ll be inspired by all of the ideas for the upcoming holidays!

1SOM-HOL14-Somerset-Holidays-Celebrations-2014-Volume-8-300x300Have a wonderful week and Happy Creating!




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3 Responses to Perfumed Pillows…and EXCITING NEWS!

  1. Birgit says:

    Super sweet jewelry pillows! What a wonderful idea to display your pretty old gems. Congratulations on having your Valentines pennants published! I’m sure they’re as wonderful as all your other fabulous pennants. They’re all winners!

  2. mary tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Who knew an old wool sweater from the thrift shop could make such a variety of beautiful felted pillows! What fun and what a way to display vintage rhinestone jewelry, which is showing up more frequently at thrift stores. I will have to start paying closer attention to the jewelry counters! Mary T

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