Vintage Pumpkin People Treat-Bag Clips

vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-1aOK everyone…group photo! Ha! May have to do that one again-those smiles are looking a little grim. 🙂

Do you  remember as a child going trick or treating, and always loving the house that would hand out  AN ENTIRE TREAT BAG! Wow, that was the greatest! And, you’d tell your friends as you saw them, which house to go to. Now, as an adult, I have to admire the ones who were brave enough to do that, as our neighborhood must have had at least several hundred kids! I have to say, I am that person that hands out the treat bag, but sadly, or in this case maybe fortunately, we only get a couple dozen trick or treaters.

vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-1Even if you get a lot of trick or treaters, this idea is so quick and simple (and FUN!), you probably could pull it off for a large group of kids.  These vintage pumpkin people treat-bag clips were assembled using vintage imagery, a black clothes pin and pipe cleaners.

vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-3I cut a pipe cleaner in half, and twisted the two halves together in the center. For the legs, I wrapped the pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl them, and simply bent the arms into a ghoulish “I’m gonna get ya” pose. I then glued the pipe cleaners to a vintage image and then glued the black clothes pin to the back center.  These pumpkin people seal off a small black treat sack, on which I inked the edges gold, and punched a “TREATS” title using a Dymo label punch.

vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-4I think both kids and adults could enjoy a spooky treat bag like this!


vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-2If you’re not inspired to create your own vintage pumpkin people clips, these little guys are also available in the Etsy store for your special treats this Halloween. 🙂

You can find them HERE.

vintage-pumpkin-people-clips-5Happy Creating!



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3 Responses to Vintage Pumpkin People Treat-Bag Clips

  1. Birgit says:

    Cute, cute! I lived in a neighborhood and remember the excitement of getting a treat bag. Alas, we don’t get any trick-or-treater’s as we live on a long, dark road. Have fun with the few you get!

  2. Gayle215 says:

    Where did you find this adorable vintage image?

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