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Hi there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ours was spent enjoying the Colorado Rockies, and admiring the GORGEOUS aspen trees! I’ve got pics of this to share at the bottom of this post, but first, a quick, fun tutorial!

There is no doubt that decorative tape is still HUGE on the creative crafty scene. This includes washi tapes, fabric tapes, decorative duct tape, and our very own Vintage Street Market Tinted Tape. Since we are on the brink of the holiday whirlwind where treat bags and little gifts will be passed around like crazy, I thought the Decorative Tape Twistie Tie Tutorial would be pretty timely.


This is such a simple, high impact little project, and a great way to dress up a treat bag! To make this bundle of twistie ties, simply select your decorative tape of choice and cut a length of it. Then, sticky side up, tape down the decorative tape at the ends to a piece of paper, or a craft mat. Then, cut a length of wire, and position down the center of the tape. “Sandwich” the wire with another strip of decorative tape. Remove from the mat, cut the ends, and voila! a great decorative twistie tie, that looks adorable bundling up small treats!


Cute, cute, cute for Halloween! Oh, and for Christmas goodies down the road! This treat bag below is tied off with a Soot Tinted Tape twistie tie. The Tinted Tape is actually a bit more durable than the more delicate washi tapes for this purpose, as the washi tapes can tear if twisted too much.


So, easy peasy! Are you ready to make your own batch of twistie ties??? To prepare for all of the fun Fall events and holidays, Tinted Tape is now available in the store as a 4-pack bundle for the great crafting price of $4.95! That’s about 300 yards of decorative tape…wow, that’s a bunch of twistie ties! 🙂  You can find this tape assortment HERE.


Now, the fabulous mountain photos! This is the first time I’ve actually seen the aspen turn orange and red. So beautiful and absolutely striking against the dark pine trees. The photos simply do not do them justice! Late Sept/October is also the time you can hear the elk bugling. This is the elk mating season, and the time in which the bulls are gathering their herd of cows. The bulls bugle to attract the cows and to ward off other “competitors.” We went into Rocky Mountain National Park and were able to hear a few of the bulls. The echo of their bugle in the mountains was pretty amazing.

Granby-fall-2014 Granby-fall-2014-2 granby-fall-2014-3Enjoy your week!




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  1. Rachele Funk says:

    Love this little idea. Thanks for sharing!

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