Golden Book Christmas Journal part 2


recipe-page-1Good morning!

Its my goal to finish up this journal before this weekend, and I think I’m just about there! I just have a section for my Christmas card list and a page for the annual caroling party to still make. The extra pages in the book I will fill with photos and special Christmas cards from this holiday season.

This section is for those special holiday recipes. I love vintage recipe ads-so sweet and colorful, and informative. Although, I don’t think I was able to produce such a quantity of goodies with my Easy Bake Oven!


I made this section of the journal to look like my Mom’s favorite big red Betty Crocker Cookbook, and the inside of one of her cabinet doors. The cookbook is filled with snippets of additional recipes from magazines, etc. and the absolute must try/favorite ones are taped to the inside of her 1940s kitchen cabinet door. Both have to be opened very carefully. 🙂  I know my mom will agree! Although, I can’t say that my Betty Crocker or the inside of my cabinets are much better.


This pocket is just waiting to be filled with the traditional Christmas dinner and cookie recipes. My daughter Meghan wants to try a few of the vintage recipes I found now too. We’ll give it a try and see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted!


I LOVE decorating at Christmas!!! These pages are filled with some of my favorite things to decorate with, along with notes of special traditions. I kept one page blank to make notes on how to decorate this year. It usually includes a lot of retro Santas and shiny brites. And, don’t forget the bubble lights!

decorating-page-2 decorating2-page-1 decorating2-page-2 decorating2-page3Now that this book is almost done, I can’t wait to start filling it up!

I hope you’re inspired to create your own journal this year. What a memory!

Happy Creating,


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4 Responses to Golden Book Christmas Journal part 2

  1. Birgit says:

    I’m so happy to see more pages in your adorable Christmas Golden Book. Oh I want to make one so bad!! Yours is just darling! A real treasure!

  2. Sandy McClay says:

    This is exactly what I want to do for my December Daily! I have been cutting out a lot of the same ephemera as you! Where did you get the journal????

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Sandy!
      The journal itself is made from a vintage golden book-one of the larger ones. I gently broke the binding, removed the pages, and added plain cardstock. I then punched holes using a Zutter binding machine and added spirals to keep it all together. I’m planning on using some of the illustrations from the story pages I removed to decorate some of the book as well, so they will not go to waste! 🙂

      Enjoy making your journal, and Merry Christmas!

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