Reindeer Dust



I love the idea of leaving a little something for Santa’s reindeer! After all, they work hard too. 🙂 When the kiddos were younger, they would leave carrots on the front porch, and were always delighted to find that the next morning, only remnants of the carrots were left!

I’ve been seeing this idea popping up lately, and decided to create it…vintage style of course!


These tubes of reindeer dust are actually recycled, vintage cigar tubes, and are the perfect capsule for the “magic reindeer dust”-vintage gold glass glitter.


The poem is placed across a vintage Christmas card image, and sized down. And a vintage, hard-plastic candle is framed perfectly within a metal embellishment. Together, they dress up the top of the tube. Certainly a fun activity for the little ones to sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the lawn, as they are so eager for Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful time as you prepare for the big day, and are creating lots of new memories!


Happy Creating,



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  1. Mary Tschopp says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Are you saving one of those reindeer dust tubes to sprinkle on your own lawn? This is the time of year for some magic…it might as well begin with you! Mary T

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