Vintage Wish Bottles


Happy, happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend.

Ah, the power of a wish. I think to many of us, a wish is an elusive idea that we sigh over…I wish I had more time, money, a smaller waistline, or a cleaner/organized/nicely decorated house. Coming from the month of New Year’s resolutions, I’m sure these wishes are fresh in everyone’s mind.



Or maybe, the wish is for something grander.

These vintage cigar tubes, filled with vintage glass glitter, vintage pearl beads and vintage mini ornaments are the perfect reminder that our wishes can be contained, and not only that, they can be realized by our very own actions. Wishes do not have to be an elusive idea at all!


Our wishes are important and deserve to be wrapped in a sparkly package. The addition of a magic wand certainly doesn’t hurt! 🙂


Knowing that your wishes are under your very own control, I hope all of your wishes come true, and that you have an abundance of them!

“A man, when he wishes, is the master of his fate.”
-Jose Ferrer

wish-bottle-1aHere’s to powerful wishes!


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