Christmas Corsage Wreath

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Holy cow, we got hit with a snowstorm the other day! Expecting only about 2 inches, we woke up to close to 10. And, it was timed just right so that the schools called it a Snow Day. The kids were beyond excited, especially since Christmas break starts in a couple days. They are certainly ready for some down time. 🙂

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Today I want to share with you a little wreath I put together. I just love vintage Christmas corsages. Is it just me, or does it feel that “back then” we just seemed to do things with a bit more class? For instance, do you ever see anyone wearing a Christmas corsage? Sigh, unfortunately, no.  But, here is a new way to still display a nice Christmas corsage, without actually wearing it….a Christmas Corsage Wreath!

I purchased this wreath form from a really neat local shop called Cozy Cottage. If you are in the Denver or Northern Colorado area, it is a store you must visit. Crammed full of amazing home decor, and beautifully, artistically arranged.

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I think the original purpose of the wreath was to decorate the base of a candle….have to say, I’m enjoying it this way much more. The GORGEOUS grouping of hard plastic bells (my favorite thing next to glass glitter) came from my mother, who is the absolute queen of scouting out vintage. To assemble the wreath, I simply wired the bells to the form, and fluffed it up a bit. That’s it. This would look pretty too with more corsages around the entire wreath, but then, I feel, the wreath would look a bit kitschy. This, I think, looks a bit elegant. 🙂 I have it now listed in my Etsy shop – you can find it HERE.


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