Vintage Easter Chicks on Parade

vintage easter jar 5Hello, and Happy Easter!!

I hope you are having a special day with family and friends, and that the Easter Bunny was good to you. 🙂

The internet is filled with loads of treat jar ideas. And for good reason – they are so. darn. cute!  As such, I decided to create my own spin on treat jars, using these very vintage, made in Japan,  pom pom chicks. I just love these, and I can’t help but smile when I look at them. They are so flamboyant and their black, beady eyes always go a bit askew, which adds to the charm.

vintage treat jars 1


vintage easter jars 2

Parading these vintage gems on the tops of jars is a great way to share them, and making these is so simple. To begin, I filled each jar with mini, vintage shiny brite ornaments in colors that were complementary to the chick colors, in lieu of candy. Foiled Hershey kisses, however,  would be a great choice, especially in the pastel colors. I then re-applied the lid and taped the wire feet of the chicks to the top of the jar lid. Then, I raided my stash of vintage, waxy Easter grass, and tucked it around the base of the chicks.

vintage easter jars 3

vintage easter jar 4 vintage easter jar 6 vintage easter 7 The Easter grass tucks in nicely, and really stays in place. To keep the attention on these fancy, colorful chicks, I added a similarly colored ribbon to hold the name tags of the treat recipient, and also used similarly colored paper for the tags.  A monochromatic color scheme is subtle and is a great way to add texture to a project.


vintage easter jar9

Treat jars are great as just a favor, or can multi-function as place cards too. So many fun ideas with a little jar. 🙂

Enjoy your day!



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