Dennison’s Guide to Craft a Lively Hallowe’en Party


I’ve been doing a bit of seasonal reading,  and if you love vintage, chances are pretty high that you also might get a little giddy over vintage Dennison and Beistle paper products. 🙂

To market their party paper products for Halloween,  Dennison published Bogie Books – “A Book of Suggestions for Decorating and Entertaining at Hallowe’en, Harvest Time and Thanksgiving.”

This particular issue was printed in 1920, and is FULL of beautiful illustrations, and many ideas and  instructions for hosting events in the Autumn months.


bogie-book-1 bogie-book-2

The pages are also filled with how-to’s for crafting with Dennison crepe paper and die cuts.  I love the many jack-o-lanterns framing the doorway!  Simple and festive. As is  the black cat with the tubular body and pipe cleaner legs above – cute packaging for a party favor.

Couldn’t resist trying that idea out with a jack-o-lantern die cut and sparkly black pipe cleaners. With a small black clothes pin attached to the back of the pumpkin, I can clip it to the top of a treat bag. 🙂


This little booklet is over 30 pages long and is full of ideas, from beginning to end,  that could still be used for Halloween parties today. As this particular booklet was printed in 1920, it is part of the public domain (Yay!)  and a complete copy can be found HERE.


Happy Reading and Creating!



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