Christmas Countdown Advent Tree


Every year I create an advent “calendar” of some sort for the kids. Most years, it truly was a paper calendar that I would decorate and add candies to, as seen below.

candycalendar1 vintage-christmas-calendar-2

Last year, I filled an antique seed display with treats, and decorated with small ornaments.


This year, I decided to decorate a 3′ tree.  I placed the tree in a wooden box, and fluffed angel hair at the base.


Beaded garland, small red ornaments and candy canes add the additional decorative touches.


And, to mark the days of this celebratory countdown, I created small treat pockets from tulle and linen. I simply cut rectangles from each fabric, stitched the bottom and sides and filled with very cutely wrapped holiday chocolates.

advent-tree-close-upThe foil-wrapped chocolates are so sweet, and decorative on their own that I wanted the packaging to be visible. Using a layer of tulle was the perfect solution! And, truly, this project came together fairly quickly. Each treat pocket is tied off with string and a ticket shows the date. An ornament hook at the back of the string allows these to be easily added to the tree.


The tree looks festive and the kids are enjoying it! 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Happy Creating,


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