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kitten box filled open

Hello, and happy weekend!

Although I have my craft room organized (and I use that term loosely), I still keep a “supply kit” next to my work area. This box holds all sorts of vintage extras and staples that I go to again and again. It keeps things handy and it corrals all the loose, little things that truly just do not have a defined storage spot. I couldn’t imagine not having this box nearby as I create. This supply box not only keeps things handy, but it also is a form of inspiration onto itself.  When I open it up and see all of the fun vintage tidbits nestled together, it just gets the creative juices going!

kitten box filled closed

As I have found this to be such a necessity, I thought I would put together a supply box of some of my favorite vintage go-to items….maybe you  might find a use for a kit like this in your crafting space. 🙂

First, a vintage supply box or tool kit, should be a thing of beauty. I’ve recently started collecting vintage Hommer sewing and jewelry boxes. I just love the marbled, vintage plastic, and the etched lids. So pretty! And, really a great size to hold all the doo-dads.

This first box is a pretty, neutral tan marble, with two sweet kittens playing with yarn etched on the clear plastic top. When opened, there are 2 “levels” – perfect for organization! The top level is filled with vintage “hardware” so to speak; bling, metal brackets, an ornate key, glass glitter, “diamond” tipped pins, vintage tickets, vintage safety pins and paper clips, a spool of lace, vintage pearl beads, a vintage plastic buckle, a vintage ballerina, bell and mini ornaments. Those great little extras to add texture and a touch of vintage to a project.

kitten trinkets and ephemera

The bottom is filled with ephemera. Vintage Dennison/Eureka seals, buttons cards, milk caps, vintage play money, a vintage View Master reel in sleeve, a Bingo card, vintage note cards, vintage labels and a couple of vintage silver millinery foiled leaves. And, 2 small tart pans for crafting or sorting. These bits of ephemera are just perfect in making and trimming,  tags or cards!

ballerina box filled closed

This second box is a bolder, red marbled plastic with a pretty ballerina etched on top. I think this was originally used for storing handkerchiefs. Now, it makes for another perfect vintage trinkets storage box. 🙂

ballerina box filled open

Just like the kitten box, this one too is filled with vintage trinkets and ephemera, and it all tucks away nicely inside. 🙂

ballerina box trinkets and ephemera

Both of these vintage boxes are now in the Etsy store!  You can find them HERE. Whether used for projects or as a source of visual inspiration, vintage supply kits are a great thing to have on hand!

Happy Creating!



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3 Responses to Vintage Supply / Tool Kit

  1. Sandy McClay says:

    I have a very similar one to your kitty box but mine is a wonderful robin egg blue! I have all of my pins, needles and such in it…I had a few of these and sadly I let the other’s go….but I love the one I kept. And one was red! 🙂

    • vintagestreetmarket says:

      Hi Sandy!
      Don’t you just love them?? Ooh, the blue sounds pretty! These sweet boxes are such a great place to store all of our little crafting treasures. 🙂

  2. mary tschopp says:

    What clever ideas! Happy Crafting! Mary T.

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