A Thank You..Vintage Street Market Style!

As I pondered what to do with my fun and wonderful Dimestore Vogue kit, I decided to make a card.  Now this may not seem like a big deal, except that I DONT DO CARDS!  I struggle to work in the size of a card which honestly makes no sense, as I do Artist Trading Cards and can work in a 2.5 x 3.5 space.  Then there is the 12 x 12 space that I find no problem with.  So why the hard time with cards?

Not sure, but I have to tell you I am working on it.   So I have my dimestore vogue kit in my hands.  Take a look at this lovely kit:

And the first thing that sticks out for me is the girls on the package.  It made my fingers itch to cut them.  I just know Michelle and Allison put them there just for me, like a kid, I love to play with the packaging.  I eventually got to the goodies inside, really!

Ok, so as I am making a card there must be a reason or a recipient, right?  Well, atleast I think so, I am new at this card thing.  So what better recipient(s) than the ladies and their families at Vintage Street Market!
So here you go ladies, it is already in the mail!

I used the stamps from Vintage Treasures at The Rubber Cafe and made my own patterned paper, I also used them on the crepe paper peeking out the bottom of the card.  I love to layer so lots of elements are popping off the card including the vintage lady and buttons!  What a fun kit to play with, keep an eye out though I am working on a very big project…coming soon!

VSM, “Dimestore Vogue kit paper, packaging, die cuts, tape, crepe paper and twine”
Adhesive: GlueArts, “Extreme Tac, U Cut It”
Stamps: The Rubber Cafe, “Vintage Treasure”

Happy Papercrafting,
Candy Rosenberg

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5 Responses to A Thank You..Vintage Street Market Style!

  1. Sherry says:

    ohhhhhhhhhhh very cute card… will be looking in the mail for mine LOL

  2. Thank you Candy! This is just gorgeous-love how the Aged Taped trims the top of the card. And, great idea to stamp on the crepe! Love how versatile that is!!!! Thank you so much-so excited to check the mail now!!!

  3. Amy Hadley says:

    You’d better watch out or you’re going to be making more and more cards! 😉 Love it!

  4. Tona says:

    Love your card!

  5. Noreen says:

    I love the way your card turned out. I like the vintage browns.

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