“Cute” Paper Doll Banner

paper doll:
1.  figures cut out of paper, with separate clothes usually held onto the figures by folding tabs

2. an inexpensive child’s toy

I’m still playing with paper dolls! Can’t get enough of them. Even though I had Barbies and Strawberry Shortcake dolls as a child, there was still something special about my box of paper dolls. Must be that paper texture that I enjoyed even then. And, I so enjoy seeing how paper dolls are now being incorporated into art.

I used ingredients from a paper doll kit to make this “cute” banner. Many more paper doll kits can be found HERE.

To start, I simply covered 3 diecut chipboard pieces with both patterned and solid cardstock to create the base. I trimmed the edges with silver glass glitter. I love working with silver glass glitter! I think it has a more authentic sparkle. And, like regular glitter, a little bit goes a looooong way!

This little forget me not looks so cute in the doll’s hair. I created the little posie by wrapping vintage lace around the small bundle of flowers. You can see the chunkiness of the glass glitter here too…

So, the title of this banner is “Cute.” At CHA, it was brought to my attention that “cute” is the most prominent word in my vocabulary. But isn’t it just a great, compact all purpose word? And, if my booth buddies heard it so much, it must mean that we were surrounded by so many wonderfully cute things! And, how bad is that?

These retro Christmas reflectors are so versatile! Would you ever have thought to make a spring flower out of it? Vintage crepe, fine aqua tinsel and a button threaded with bakers twine adds so much contrast and texture!

This bingo card is a great way to showcase this fun vintage school outfit. Vintage crepe folded into a circle and layered, provides a bunting background.

Mini adhesive gems make the buttons just pop, and adds a little more balance to the sparkle of the glitter.

For those of you who enjoy vintage materials you know that thrill of working with old paper. It really takes on a whole new “specialness” when working with a paper doll that is at least 60 years old. In doing some research, I discovered that the first paper doll was manufactured in London in 1810. The first US paper doll was manufactured in 1812 and was called The History and Adventures of Little Henry, which was published by J. Belcher of Boston.  In the 1820s, it was more common though for paper dolls to be manufactured in Europe, packaged in boxes, and imported to the US.

However, in 1828, McLoughlin Brothers picked up the paper doll trend, and became the largest manufacturer of paper dolls in the United States. These dolls sold for five and ten cents a set. In 1920, McLoughlin Brothers publications was sold to none other than Milton Bradley, who continued printing the paper dolls. I remember as a child having Holly Hobbie, and Barbie paper dolls, and cutting out the paper dolls that were printed in Good Housekeeping magazine-I believe these were the sweet images of Joan Walsh Anglund. Remember those?

For those of you who enjoy paper dolls as much as I do, I hope this little project inspires you to showcase them in a new way.

Happy Creating!

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7 Responses to “Cute” Paper Doll Banner

  1. Sooooo cute, Michelle! Love this banner!


  2. Vicki Chrisman says:

    Okay.. THAT is ADORABLE!!

  3. Mindy Irwin says:

    That’s adorable!!! I still have some of my grandmother’s paperdolls I used to play with….this gives me some great ideas. Thanks!

  4. Ronda Liebert says:

    So very “cute”. I just made a cabinet with vintage Mary Engelbreit paper dolls from her old magazine. I’d love to send you pictures.

  5. Carriep says:

    This is so cute, wouldn’t have thought of doing anything with my old paper dolls, but I love this idea!

  6. Noreen says:

    The paper doll is so sweet… a lovely banner idea!

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