Wrap it up-Party Games style!

Nothing says “fun” like our new Party Games paper collection! Why not extend that fun out of  your cards and layouts, and use it to wrap gifts uniquely? These large sheets can handle the job-and you’ll still have paper left over for your cards, and layouts!

Love that vibrant red foil, especially with the contrast of the glitter and string. To create the “4U”, we simply free hand drew those letters on an empty Kleenex box, and cut them out. Then, we covered the pieces in glue, and added glitter. Simply attach with string. Easy and eye-catching!

What about adding a baggie of colorful gumballs? These gumballs really go with that great polka dot paper! The ice cream cone tag also comes from the Party Games paper collection, and looks great when trimmed with red glitter. Staple one of those little To/From tickets onto it (also included in the package), and that die cut is now a gift tag! Hand write or stamp your own message within the scoop to customize it-so versatile! Did you notice the red foil strip that surrounds the package? Now, the question is, which one to open first????

Another reason to love these big sheets! Look at the size of that fanned flower! Use the Cricut (yep, these papers are AWESOME with the Cricut and Cuttlebug) to cut out a large red foil flower. Place another die cut in the center. With a Dymo label punch, we put the recipient’s name within the banner the frog is holding…

Ok, what if you have a small gift? Maybe a gift card? What about making a cone? For this, we cut a 6×6 sheet of the collage paper, and adhered it to a 6×6 cardstock sheet.  Use scissors to cut a curve on two of the sides, then fold together. Use the Numbers Tinted Tape to adhere.  Cut a strip of red foil, crimp, then adhere to the inside of the cone. Red pom pom ribbon creates a nice trim. Punch a hole on either side of the cone, and attach a pipe cleaner handle. Fill with a bit of yellow crepe. Add some candies and a gift card and you’re set!

These are only just a few of the ideas we’ve come up with in using Party Games for gift wrap. Be sure to check in throughout the month to see what the rest of the Design Team comes up with in using the paper collections to uniquely wrap their gifts.

Never again let your gift be the wall flower of the party!

More tips can be found HERE!

Happy Wrapping!


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2 Responses to Wrap it up-Party Games style!

  1. Awesome wrapping ideas!! Anyone would be excited to receive these!!!

  2. Noreen says:

    Wonderful gift wrapping ideas. I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to tear them open!

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