Quick and Easy Wrapping Ideas

I admit it. I’m a sucker for “cutely ” wrapped gifts! But, I’m also the one who is usually throwing them into a re-used gift bag and running out the door minutes before I have to give the gift away. Well, no more!! I’ve been seeing more and more fun ways to present gifts.Today I have some quick and easy solutions for you using Party Games and a big roll of kraft paper that I recently bought.

I decided that I’m going to keep a stash of some ruffled, folded, pleated, bannered and ‘rosetted’ (hey, is that a word?) paper on hand and when I need to wrap, I can just attach them to my boxes. Easy, peasy, right? I’ll show you how….

First, my most elaborate gift. I created the rosette using the red foil paper that comes in the kit, and the little ‘ribbons’ than hang down from paper. I wrapped some string around the left side of the box, added a couple of cut strips of paper and adhered some buttons.

Finally, I added a couple of die cuts from the tag sheet.

This next gift uses a couple of strips of fan folded paper. I just layered them over each other, added some string and adhered a button in the center. So easy!! Hot glue works great for adhering the paper.

Next up is the ruffled look. I cut several strips of paper, folded them and ran them through the sewing machine. Then I cut them to fit. I wrapped the string around the box, layered them on and added a button and tag.

I made a bunch of these strips to keep on hand for my next gifts.

This gift was the easiest one that I made. I cut a strip of crepe paper, ran it through the machine and pulled one of the threads to ruffle it. I adhered it to the bag. Then, I popped off the closure from the packaging, adhered it and wrapped the string around the package. It took no time at all.

Finally, I created this gift by making a banner from punched flowers.

I punched the flowers from the paper then ran them through my machine, leaving space between them. Then, I cut them to fit the box and layered them on.

I adhered two of the strips flat on the box and used foam adhesive on the other two to give a dimensional effect. A die cut tag finished off the decorating. Again, I made exta banners so that I have them ready to go next time.

So, there you have it. Party Games is perfect for those quick, easy and fun wrapping projects.

Thanks for stopping by!~ Anabelle

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  1. Tammy S. says:

    Those wrappings look like so much fun! great makes…

  2. Noreen says:

    Colorful, fun wrapping ideas – and great for kids!

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