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Two-in-one Gift Anyone?

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Can you believe it is February 21st already?  Wow, time flies.  I am always looking for a new way to wrap gifts for my kid’s friends or even mine.  Here is a way to give the gift receiver more than one gift at once.  I wrapped the gift using the foil from Party Games Paper Sheets, Paper Dolls, clothes and envelope from our Family Fun Paper Accessory Kit and our new Twirly Twine in denim to create this gift.

As you can see, the receiver will get their gift and paper dolls to play with after she opens her gift.  Who could ask for more?  The envelope is from the Family Fun Paper and Accessory Kit and put together just like the instructions say.

Next you can wrap the gift with your Twirly Twine.  You receive enough twine  (10 yards) to easily go around your package quite a few times,  and give it lots of color!  Then it can be used again and again in crafting and more gift wrapping.

And, of course, Linen Tinted Tape holds it all together!

I hope my gift recipient enjoys all the fun gifts she receives in this two-in-one gift.  Have a great week and I hope this inspires your gift wrapping for your kid’s friends and your friends.

Allison… Read the rest

Vintage Christmas Bingo Decoration

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I am always excited to work with all the “true” vintage products we have available in our shop.  Today I created a quick and easy vintage decoration for the wall, the tree or even on a package. 

 I think that Bingo boards/cards are one of the most useful products available in the vintage market right now.  To be able to use them as a base for any project or as an accent is wonderful.


Isn’t the snowman adorable.  You can use anything to adorn your projects.  This snowman is actually a pin, but by removing the fastening devise I was able to glue it down flush to the card.  This is a simple, less is more, project so I hope you enjoy it. 


I hope you are having better success at Christmas shopping this year than I am.  I am struggling so much this year.  I truly feel so blessed.  My family is healthy, both my husband and I have jobs, the kids are doing awesome in school, we have food on our table and a roof over our heads.  I hope this post finds you all full of blessings and love and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.  Thank you for making ours great!… Read the rest

Gratitude Layout

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Happy Friday!!  For this post I wanted to take time to say “Thank You”.  We have a great group of people behind Vintage Street Market, as well as our designers, customers, stores and followers.  We want you all to know how much we really do appreciate you and all you do!

On that note, I want to share a very simple layout I put together for my scrapbook of my family.  It is for us to remember what we are grateful for,  right now,  in 2011.  There are times I don’t even remember what I was grateful for an hour ago,  so to write it down now is important.  It will be fun to look back on what the kids wrote this year and what they write down in the future when their priorities change.

I used the paper from the Family Fun Kit for this layout.  The striped paper is the reverse side to the Distinguished Dad paper and I got all the dolls, smaller size, from the reverse side of the packaging cover.  This paper sheet allows families to customize how many family members they have. Tinted Tape creates the borders and accents the envelopes.

Please take some time to remember what is important to you and your family.  Either write it down on your computer, journal or scrapbook this important topic.  We should always stay positive, but if there ever is a low,  you can look back on this and remember the good things in your life.

Thank you again for joining Michelle and I our life journey and we hope you all enjoy Vintage Street Market. – Have a great weekend – Allison… Read the rest


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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all of you hard working Moms out there.  I hope you have a wonderful day.

I would love to begin with a little Mother’s Day history.  I think it always fun to learn how and where these holidays began.  Here is the evolution of Mother’s Day:

It was first celebrated each spring in Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.  Then, in the 17th century the celebration took on a more religious meaning.  It was a day set aside to celebrate Mary, the Mother of Christ, but eventually all mothers were honored and it was known as Mothering Sunday.  In the UK  Mothering Day is held on the 4th Sunday after lent.

It wasn’t until 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson officially proclaimed Mother’s Day a holiday in the U.S. celebrated on the second Sunday in May.  Mother’s Day has become the third largest card sending holiday in the U.S.  Did you get your card sent and was it homemade?

I want to send out a quick Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom.  Here is a very casual picture of the two of us this winter.  She means the world to me and has always been there for me.

I LOVE YOU MOM!!  Happy Mother’s Day.… Read the rest

May Day Project

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Happy May Day everyone.  Above I am showing the materials I used to make a fun May Day “Basket” for a friend.  I put this together on Wed. and it was a beautiful in Colorado.  The skies were blue, the birds were singing and there was no wind.  When we have days like that the first thing I think of is working in the garden and planting flowers.  So, with that in mind I decided I would make a fun May Day “basket”.  My take on the basket is actually an unused paint can I bought at the local home and garden center.  Along with the paint can, I used our Dimestore Vogue Paper Sheets and Tags, Plaid’s Outdoor Mod Podge and 3L’s Crafty Power Tape.  It was very simple and fun to put together.  Here are the steps it took to make this fun project:  

1.  I had to prep the can for planting prior to decorating.  You want to make sure the plants are going to have plenty of drainage so I made holes in the bottom of the can for this drainage. 

2.  With our wonderful oversized sheets I was able to make one strip of paper to cover the whole can.  I first cut and punched the foil strips that went on top and bottom of the can.  I then cut the same length, which was more than 12″, of our paper sheets to put in the middle of the can.  I covered the back of all three strips with the mod podge and placed them on the can.  I then followed this with a nice coat on top of the paper to seal it to the can.

3.  I then picked out some tags I wanted to use to embellish the paper sheets with.  Make sure you follow the instructions on the Mod Podge bottle to get the best results.  You always want to cover the back and front of each item when placing them on the can.  This will help with the adhesion and seal when it dries.  The paper on this paint can looks a little wrinkled because the paint can itself has indents and it is not completely dry in this picture.

4.  Once the can was almost dry I placed two crushed soda cans in the bottom of the paint can, again for drainage and to decrease the weight of the can.  I placed some small gravel for fill, then the potting soil and finally the plants.

5  The result is shown below.  I was really happy with the way it turned out.  Hope you enjoy and make these as well.  They would be great for just everyday decoration, teacher appreciation, Mother’s Day or even a birthday gift.  I hope you make a few of these and if you do please share them with us.

Have a great week and here is to a Happy May! – Allison

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