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Vintage Street Market featured in CHA Workshop

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Vintage Street Market “Tinted Tape” will be featured in a workshop by instructor and VSM design team member, Candy Rosenberg, at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show in Rosemont, Illinois on July 19th.

This workshop features a new album, “Krafty Keepsakess” by Basically Bare, covered in Le’ Cirque paper collection from Graphic 45.  We will be using the “aged” and “numbers” tape on this fun album that explores the creative side of ourselves.  I wanted to take this opportunity to show you how I am using the tinted tape in this project.

Here we used the “aged” tape to adhere the photograph onto the page of the album.  The tape is perfect for this purpose, so easy to do and gives a fantastic “aged” look to the photo.  Our students are going to love this technique!

And we used “numbers” tape to accent one of the pages.  This gives it such a great look in an easy to do way.

I would like to take this moment to thank each of the Workshop Sponsors: Basically Bare, Graphic45, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L, Vintage Street Market, May Arts, Imaginarium Designs, Flourish with a Bling, Ranger.

Living The Altered Life,

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What to do with your Vintage Street Market goodies

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Whether you already have Vintage Street Market goodies in your stash, thinking about getting your hands on some, or just learning about them, let me walk through all the possibilities!

First of all, have you ever used a pretty scrapbook paper and the 12″ x 12″ was just not big enough  and wished that it was large enough to wrap a present or cover your altered project completely.  I know I have.

Dimestore Vogue and Party Games sets offer sheets that are a full 36″ x 24″ with repeated prints so you dont lose any details when you are using them in their full sheets.  Then if you wanted you could also cut the sheet down into 6 individual 12″ x 12″ sheets for traditional scrapbooking.

A few ideas:
– Alter a piece of furniture
– Wrap a gift
– Create a bag from the foil, add the crepe like tissue paper for a gift
– Collage on canvaas

In the Paper Sheet sets you will find these fun pop out die cuts ready to add to your projects.   These tags and embellishments can be great additions on their own or hang from some ribbon and add to a wrapped gift.  Plus sheets of crepe paper and foil paper to complete the look.

Then there is the tape…you cannot possibly have wrapping paper without tape.  These tapes come in a variety of textures and colors to use on so many projects.  Use it around a photo to give a grunge look, outline a shadowbox and so much more.

Think outside the box, meaning wrap up the outside of the box with these wonderful and unique products.  I have shown this image before but felt this was a great place to revisit it:

This is not your ordinary paper and kit, Vintage Street Market is unique and completely out of the box!

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Vintage Findings: A treasure in an antique shop

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You have heard the term, “vintage findings” but may not completely understand what that means.  Everything old is new again, with vintage infiltrating every corner of style, fashion and textile industries across the globe, it is hard not to find something that is vintage in nature.

 noun, adjective, verb, -taged, -tag·ing.


the class of a dated object with reference to era of production or use: a hat of last year’s vintage.
Recently I was visiting a small town close to home that is a bit eclectic with old buildings, antique shops and fun restaurants.  On this occassion I was able to catch one of the little shops open as it was a Saturday instead of a Sunday when I am usually able to go.  I was amazed at all the vintage treasures that lay within their walls, and it is hard not to take it all home.
This particular day I found a tremendous treasure, a vintage finding of epic proportions! A vintage catalogue, The Delineator; A Journal of Fashion, Culture and Fine Arts from 1894.  It is in beautiful shape and I was floored when I started to thumb through it I nearly cried, it was beautiful.  This is a true vintage finding.

So normally I would have no problem taking pages out of an old vintage book or paper, but I cannot imagine doing that with this one, so I will have to have fun scanning the pages!!… Read the rest

A “Vogue” Shadow Box all taped up!

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Our design team received some fun shadow boxes to alter.  You don’t have to ask me twice to alter something, I am on it!

My shadow box was a small white box with a fun velvet backing on the inside and just the right size for a new found vintage item that I received in my Vintage Travel Kit:
Travel Kit

It is an actual VIEWMASTER disk with original sleeve and in prestine condition and I wanted to show it off in the shadowbox!

Let me show you what I did with my box!

Ok, so no comments on my messy desk!  Here is the shadow box with the insides taken out and covered in Dimestore Vogue paper and the start of my taping the edges with Soot Tinted Tape.

Here is more of top view of the pieces that I cut out for the front frame of the shadow box.

I began to tape around the edges of the shadowbox to create a finished look.  The Tinted Tape was so easy to use and adhered nicely to the paper creating a framed looked on the outside.

A closer look at the tape wrapped around the edges.

Here is the shadow box all covered in paper and wrapped in tinted tape.

A few additions to the outside:  I added a corrugated dress form with painted canvas dress, a paintbrush for a curtain rod with a tulle curtain.  I added some great items from the Vintage Travel Kit to show off the View Master.

A close up shot.

So grab a shadow box and get to altering!

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Wrapping it up….party style!

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I had a cute little album that I made for my granddaughter, Mia and wanted to get it sent to her in San Diego this week.  I needed to wrap it up for her, what better way then to use the Party Games paper kit to get it all ready for my girl.

I started with the beautiful red cellophane wrapping paper which made a great base for all the little additions I want to add.

I then added some crepe paper that I folded and stapled, then placed in a circle in the middle of the package.

Using some of my May Arts ribbon stash, I cut a 4 inch piece of white ribbon, folded in half, then stapled.  I did two of each colors, white and black.

I tucked each ribbon under the crepe circle with the added snowflake and circus game circle.

I tucked all four pieces of May Arts underneath.

A few added items to the top to make it cute.

The entire gift topping with many fun additions from the Party Games paper collection.

The complete package ready to be shipped on Monday to my sweet granddaughter.  I cant wait to hear what they say when they get it.

So get yourself all wrapped in the latest goodies from Vintage Street Market!

Happy Papercrafting,
Candy Rosenberg

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