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Christmas Corsage Wreath

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christmas-vintage-wreath-corsage #vintagestreetmarket

Good morning!

Holy cow, we got hit with a snowstorm the other day! Expecting only about 2 inches, we woke up to close to 10. And, it was timed just right so that the schools called it a Snow Day. The kids were beyond excited, especially since Christmas break starts in a couple days. They are certainly ready for some down time. 🙂

christmas-vintage-wreath-corsage -2 #vintagestreetmarket


Today I want to share with you a little wreath I put together. I just love vintage Christmas corsages. Is it just me, or does it feel that “back then” we just seemed to do things with a bit more class? For instance, do you ever see anyone wearing a Christmas corsage? Sigh, unfortunately, no.  But, here is a new way to still display a nice Christmas corsage, without actually wearing it….a Christmas Corsage Wreath!

I purchased this wreath form from a really neat local shop called Cozy Cottage. If you are in the Denver or Northern Colorado area, it is a store you must visit. Crammed full of amazing home decor, and beautifully, artistically arranged.

christmas-vintage-wreath-corsage -3 #vintagestreetmarket

I think the original purpose of the wreath was to decorate the base of a candle….have to say, I’m enjoying it this way much more. The GORGEOUS grouping of hard plastic bells (my favorite thing next to glass glitter) came from my mother, who is the absolute queen of scouting out vintage. To assemble the wreath, I simply wired the bells to the form, and fluffed it up a bit. That’s it. This would look pretty too with more corsages around the entire wreath, but then, I feel, the wreath would look a bit kitschy. This, I think, looks a bit elegant. 🙂 I have it now listed in my Etsy shop – you can find it HERE.


Christmas Blog Parade

Be sure to visit Cheryl Waters and Cherry Nelson  for their Vintage Christmas inspiration!

You can find these talented ladies at:


Happy Creating!




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Vintage Christmas Advent Calendar

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Hello, I hope you had a great weekend! Did you do any fun Christmas activities?

Yesterday, here, was baking day. And, luckily, we had a beautiful, big-flakes-in-a-snowglobe kind of snowday here in Northern Colorado, which was perfect for blasting the carols and baking away! Some of my baked goods included a fun, new recipe from Pinterest, that you can find here:

Easy to make and they look so cheerful!

peppermint cookies

These holly cookies I make every year. Its a standard sugar cookie recipe, flavored with peppermint extract and tinted green. Before baking, I sprinkle the cookies with green sugar (looks like glitter!), and right after I take them out, I pop on red-hot holly berries. They look kind of retro don’t they?

holly cookies

These were immediately boxed up for an old-fashioned cookie exchange party which I attended this afternoon. Lots of fun, and I came home with some amazing, yummy treats. Hopefully, among my family, a few of them will still be around for Christmas! 🙂


Speaking of treats, I did something a little bit different for the kids’ advent calendar this year.  This summer I found this gorgeous, antique seed packet display box at an estate sale.  The metal bins are compartmentalized and are about 2 inches deep. Just the right width for a package of seeds, and just perfect for daily treats.

vintage-christmas-advent-calendar-3 vintage-christmas-advent-calendar-2 I put candies in each compartment and filled in extra areas with vintage tidbits-bottle brush trees, wreaths, plastic reindeer, etc. Very festive, and very vintage! The kids have enjoyed it. I have to say too, this has got to be the easiest “calendar” I’ve ever done. 🙂

christmas-advent-calendar-4 christmas-advent-calendar-7 christmas-advent-calendar-5 Christmas Blog Parade

Today is the day we start our Vintage Christmas Blog Parade! Later in the week, please visit Cherry Nelson  and Cheryl Waters. You can find these talented ladies here:

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Its just not the Christmas season without vintage inspiration!

Happy Creating!


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Vintage Christmas Golden Book Baskets

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Hello, and  Happy Holiday Season!
I hope you have been “living in the moment, ” squeezing all of the fun and excitement out of the season, and spending quality time with loved ones. 🙂
Life, as life can be, has been crazy and good, but has pulled me away from my fun little blog.  Nothing bad, just busy, and sometimes creativity block just sets in. But, I’ve missed playing with all my vintage supplies, and I’m looking forward to jumping back in! 🙂
 On that note, I’m excited to share with you,  another fun vintage Golden Book project. You may have seen in the past how I’ve transformed these sweet vintage books into journals and cookbooks…I just love them so! This time, I’ve transformed the covers into treat baskets! Perfect for this time of year when we’re always giving little somethings away.
The images on these covers are so classic and vibrant!  With strong scissors, I was able to cut around each image, squaring off at the bottom so that I could create a base. The base was made from the left over scraps and titles. I glued these pieces together to form the box frame, then glued the whole thing to a vintage Bingo card to create the bottom of the basket. The baskets are shallow, about 1 inch deep, but are just the right size for small candies, or to fill up with  vintage goodies!
Once the baskets were made, I embellished!
Rudolph has a red glittery nose, and a candy striped bow around his neck.
Frosty is holding a large, clear snowflake,  his hat shines with glitter, and the rest of him sparkles with an application of vintage mica snow. A satin blue ribbon creates a scarf.
This image of Santa is smaller than Frosty and Rudolph, so this basket is also  just a bit smaller. Green glitter jazzes up “Santa’s Toy Shop” and Santa holds up a mini vintage bottle brush wreath.
These are so fun! And, no set pattern, just free-form cutting.
If you need to jazz up a  little treat, and have some extra vintage Golden Books, consider these baskets. Hmmm….may have to see what vintage Easter Golden Books I have-could absolutely see these baskets filled with Easter eggs!
Christmas Blog Parade
On another note, something FUN is planned for next week!!! I’m teaming up with Cheryl Waters and Cherry Nelson for a Vintage Christmas Blog Parade-starting Monday!  Even more Christmas projects using vintage materials! Fun, right???
Have a fabulous weekend!

A Vintage Christmas Re-cap

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Merry Christmas, and Happy {almost} New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful, joyous time with your family and friends. Those of us in Northern Colorado had the lucky fortune to have snow all Christmas Day long, to a total accumulation of 7 inches! It was so pretty-love the outdoor Christmas lights against the snow!


I’ve been negligent in my blog posts the last couple weeks. The holidays just got a little bit busier than normal. Lots of fun though! I thought I would share a few pics of the vintage Christmas decor I put out this season.


I love how each of us can pull out our traditional decorations and make our homes all cozy for Christmas. It is such a comfort to be surrounded by these treasures, which makes each home individually unique. I think that explains my love of vintage. Those harder to find items have such a history to them, and they add such depth to a home. And, you know that your neighbor does not have the very same thing in their house!

vintage-manger-scenevintage-felt-stockingvintage-foil-treesvintage-santa-on-tablevintage-wooden-soldiervintage-caroling-bannercarolbook2I don’t create huge, elaborate displays…its just a nice scattering of vintage set about the house. 🙂  And, usually, being casually creative is the most fun of all!

Happy Creating,

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Reindeer Dust

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I love the idea of leaving a little something for Santa’s reindeer! After all, they work hard too. 🙂 When the kiddos were younger, they would leave carrots on the front porch, and were always delighted to find that the next morning, only remnants of the carrots were left!

I’ve been seeing this idea popping up lately, and decided to create it…vintage style of course!


These tubes of reindeer dust are actually recycled, vintage cigar tubes, and are the perfect capsule for the “magic reindeer dust”-vintage gold glass glitter.


The poem is placed across a vintage Christmas card image, and sized down. And a vintage, hard-plastic candle is framed perfectly within a metal embellishment. Together, they dress up the top of the tube. Certainly a fun activity for the little ones to sprinkle magic reindeer dust on the lawn, as they are so eager for Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful time as you prepare for the big day, and are creating lots of new memories!


Happy Creating,


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