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Collecting-Lu Ray Pastels

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Oh my goodness! It has been much too long since I’ve posted, but I do have a good reason. Somehow, I managed to sprain my ankle. I have no idea what triggered it, but one afternoon a bit over a week ago, it swelled to the size of a cantaloupe. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to hobble down the stairs to my craft room. Which, is making me a little stir crazy to say the least! My family is willing to fetch whatever I need from that room, but as we crafters know, you just need to be surrounded by your crafty “things.” 🙂 I’m hoping to be back to “normal” in a few days-I hope so, as I have MANY Easter ideas I would love to share!

LuRay-pastels-2In the meantime, I thought I’d share with you my collection of vintage LuRay Pastel dishes. My mom started collecting these when I was in high school. But, as most collections go, they get abandoned and you move onto another one. I think LuRay got abandoned for Fiesta Ware. But, lucky me, as I was the recipient of all of her LuRay dishes!!! And, I love to pull them out around Easter time.

LuRay-pastels-3The colors are so soft and certainly look aged. A couple pieces have chips, but to me that just adds character. Isn’t the detailing of this bowl so pretty? Just love it!

You can actually learn more about LuRay Pastels at this website:

A bit of the history I was able to obtain from that website follows:

“LuRay Pastels dinnerware was produced from 1938 to 1961 by the Taylor, Smith, and Taylor Company of West Virginia. This line of dinnerware was named for the beautiful Luray Caverns in Virginia.

It was initially available in four pastel colours: Persian Cream, Windsor Blue, Sharon Pink, and Surf Green. A fifth colour (Chatham Gray) was added in 1947 but was discontinued in 1952 due to a lack of popularity. This has made Chatham Gray pieces a challenge for collectors to locate.

Pieces are marked with the backstamp “TS&T LuRay Pastels”. Very few pieces are unmarked.”

LuRay-pastels-4I certainly don’t have a complete set, but they do look pretty scattered among my white stoneware at Easter time. Even one bowl makes a great candy dish! So, be on the lookout for LuRay dishes for your Spring table!

Happy Collecting!

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Collecting-Cast Iron Doorstops

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I love finding vintage items that still have a functional purpose! This painted, cast iron doorstop measures about 12 inches tall and greets our kitties by the door as they walk into the laundry room for their food.

Iron doorstops first became popular in 18th century England. By the 19th century, they were also manufactured in the U.S. During the civil war period, the cast iron process became more refined, and all sorts of images became popular, such as animals.

During WWI, interest in doorstops went by the wayside, as all available iron was used in the war effort. After the war however, doorstops were once again manufactured, and were even available in the ever-popular Sears catalog.

I love the distinction of the colors used, and the detail. Both of which only get better as more time passes!

Happy Collecting!

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Collecting: Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Like most collectors with their collections, I didn’t plan to collect vintage diner-style glassware. Many of these come from my dad’s collection (he LOVED his vintage salt and pepper shakers!), and when he sadly passed away in January, I was happy to add these little gems to my smaller vintage glassware family,  as they will always remind me of him. Aside from just how sweet and simple they are, I find myself drawn to the sheer functionality of these items,  and I am planning on just how they will be incorporated into the craft room. I love that they are oftentimes a uniquely molded glass, and I especially love the hard plastic or metal tops. I can just imagine them gracing a formica table located in a 1950s diner-can’t you?

These pink tipped salt and pepper shakers are just begging to be filled with pink, silver or gold glitter! And, maybe the syrup dispenser will now house vintage buttons or ribbon scraps.

These shakers are so cute and chubby, and the ribbing makes them functional and decorative! Love the little red hats!

So many shapes and sizes! And, that’s just for the glass ones! Vintage salt and pepper shakers are a HUGE collectible,  are made of glass, ceramic and plastic and come in MANY fun decorative shapes. And, interestingly, salt shakers became more popular in the 1920s, after the Morton Salt Company introduced anti-caking agents to their product.

Happy Collecting!



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Ephemera Journal Part II

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Julie here again, with more of my ephemera journal to share with you–be warned–there’s LOTS of pages today!

With so many wonderful vintage papers & elements to work with, it was easy to go a little crazy making this little book of mine…

…page after page of vintage fabulousness to write and doodle on…

…or just leave as-is.  Maybe I’ll write on it later, maybe not.  It’s still fun!

As I said in my last post on my journal, I used ephemera from Vintage Street Market’s Ephemera kits, some of my own that I had on hand, and vintage images found online & printed out–these ladies are great favorites of mine!

Pockets and envelopes were fun to add onto pages…

…even an old manila tag with the string still attached worked it’s way onto one of the pages…

I hope you feel inspired to start a journal of your own–I can’t tell you how much fun you’ll have!

And once you start making your own art journals, you just may never be able to stop!


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Vintage Garden Pocket

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Have you seen the new Vintage Deal? Its the Vintage Winter Garden Kit-a beautiful, soft color palette for these upcoming cold months, and a nice break from the bold colors of the holidays.

From a few supplies from the kit, I constructed a vintage garden pocket. The perfect place to store postcards, or fill with tags with special notes for a friend as a unique gift. Might be a good idea with notes for Mom for Mother’s Day-never too early to plan for that one! 🙂

To create, images were fussy-cut from the beautiful papers and adhered onto sheet music.  Platinum Stickles add a touch of sparkle to the flowers. Parchment or wax paper, was then stitched on top of the images, then that piece was stitched to another sheet of parchment to create the pocket. I tore away a bit of the parchment to reveal the bird.  A Making Memories Label Holder frames a title and vintage pearl beads from the kit embellish it.

Then fill with tags! This is such a great way to use up the scraps from the kit.  Silver tinsel garland, a vintage slide holder and sparkly font stickers add more texture to the tags as well.

And the good news is, I still have plenty from the kit to make more pockets!

Now, I have to share with you my Christmas present from my super thoughtful hubby. We found one of these (a verdigris colored one-gasp!-gorgeous!) at an antique store this summer in Kansas.  Admired it, but it did not come home with us. But, my husband continued to scout around and surprised me with this GORGEOUS scale for Christmas. And it works!

I absolutely LOVE IT, and it now is displayed in the corner of our kitchen. It just amazes me that at one time this was at a butcher shop or corner market to weigh meat and produce. Something so beautiful for something so functional. Patent says 1909.

The hand-cut oval, glass top presently displays a winter scene of vintage, spun-glass angel hair swirling among vintage hard plastic reindeer and plastic trees sprinkled in tarnished glass glitter.

Now, I just need to try to understand what all the extra numbers mean! 🙂

Happy New Year, and here’s to another year of vintage creativity!!!


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