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a little light to set the mood…

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For this Valentine’s Day, I thought I would make a candle for our kitchen table.

  I started by using a bbq lighter to heat up the wax on the candle to apply the tissue paper. It only needs to melt a little to get the tissue to adhere to the candle.


I only heat little sections at a time as the wax dries very very quickly. The pink is nice and subtle around the white candle.

The rest comes together so fast as it s simply layering the fun Vintage Street Market goodies. Love!!!!



Happy Valentines!A day to celebrate LOVE.

Leica Forrest

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Our Family Mini Album & Maya Road

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Happy Happy New Year!!!!!

I hope everyone had fantastic holiday, enjoying time with family & friends. I know I sure appreciate those wonderful moments together. Did you get a chance to do a little crafting? I did, a pinch. I mean how could I not when I received a new box from Vintage Street Market? Suhweet! And full of Maya Road goodness.


This is the little purse album from Maya Road. I had so much fun decorating the outside of it. Already my daughter was begging for it. I covered it with the Family Fun patterned paper, seriously as if you guys didn’t already know it is my fave! It is pretty functional too as I covered it with the pp, then sealed all edges that could lift with the Tinted Tape. Because I figured my daughter could be a little rough on this album, I did go over the tape parts twice for durability.

Next post I will show you the inside of the album, it is still a work in progress. But check back on January 12th! Thanks for dropping by!

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Candy Cane Candle holder

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Just stopping by with a quick photo of some gifts the kids & I made this year for our advent calendar.

Easy peasy.

We bought small votive candles in the glass jars, then with a glue gun, glued on mini candy canes all around the jar. Then we glued some tinsel on the top. We made a border out of Vintage Street Market red foil (Party Games Collection). We used a border punch along both sides and adhered it around the candle. Then I helped the kids make an accordion flower and a quick start punch and voila!

A little Family fun.

Enjoy your holidays, such a wonderful time of year. I find it perfect spending time with my kids making fun things.

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Christmas Tags

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Christmas is almost here! woo hoo!

Break out all your Vintage Street Market scraps and make a tag.  Tags are the perfect way to create little works of art, and at this time of year, you sure can have fun marking the presents. In the following tag, you will see only bits and pieces of kits. I rolled up the foil to make rows for a Christmas tree, added rhinestones and voila! A decorated tree. I used part of the VSM packaging logo as the background for the tree. I put a tiny piece of pp where the VSM name would be, and I selected the stripes so that it was perfect for putting To: & From: on.

Here’s a closeup of the tree:

Cute, fun and easy!

This elf has many more to make…

Leica Forrest

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a little tree ornament

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Hello everyone,

sorry I am putting this up a little late today, I was hoping to get a good picture of this on our Christmas tree to show you how i will hang it, but life got to busy and we didn’t finish getting it up yesterday. darn. So I just took it on our table.

This was so super easy to make. I lined the back of the Checkered paper (Family fun) with the shiny foil paper from Party Games. Then I knew it would match when I curled the sides in. I cut 10 little squares then I rounded one point. Then with a little glue or staples whatever you like, roll the bottom so that one side crosses over the other. (adhere this to a base) In this case I started out with a red doilie over a 4″ cardboard circle. Then I put some shiny gold tree sprigs in between to add shine when on the tree. Then I filled my gap in the center with more doiliees and flowers. Fun, easy, glimmery.

Hope you like it.

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